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There is no infrastructure outside the provincial capital

- Tenth National Sports Preparation
- Coveredhall in name only

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The tenth national competition is scheduled to be held in Karnali province in November. Its preparation has also been intensified in Karnali. However, apart from the state stadium under construction in Karnali, there is no movement infrastructure in the districts. Most of the districts have name-only sports structures. Mugu does not have the same structure.

There is no infrastructure outside the provincial capital

As preparations for the 10th National Games are underway in Surkhet and surrounding districts of Karnali, there is no excitement in Mugu. In most districts of Karnali, no structures other than dilapidated covered houses have been constructed. In the last 5 years, the state government's investment has been concentrated in the capital. Birendra Bahadur Malla, Chairman of Mugu District Sports Development Committee, said that there is zero sports structure in Mugu.

'There is no sports structure in Mugu, if the players have to have some competition, they have to find an empty farm,' he said, 'The provincial government has not been able to move out of the valley, what is the taste of sports in the Himalayan and hilly districts because of the lack of infrastructure?' Malla said that he could not do the activity. After spending three/four hours looking for a barren field for small activities. According to President Malla, due to the lack of infrastructure, there is a problem in producing skilled players in the tenth national team. There is no training environment. Due to the lack of infrastructure, the players are also getting discouraged," he said.

The concept of government is 'one municipality, one playground'. However, Mugu has zero status. Depending on the accessibility, where there are game structures, there are also additions. Two cricket stadiums are being built in Surkhet itself. Again, the largest stadium in the province is also being built.

There is no sports infrastructure in Dolpa, Jajarkot, Humla, Salyan and other districts. In those districts there are only dilapidated karvadhals in the name. "From the point of view of the 10th National Sports Management, it is not possible to hold all the games in Surkhet," Dailekh Zikhevis president Gopal BC said, "It is important to have infrastructure in the districts around Surkhet as well." That will help in the development of tourism and the production of new players through sports.'

The foundation stone of the hockey ground has just been laid in the Himalayan district Humla, targeting the 10th national sports. Apart from this there is no infrastructure for other sports in Humla. Jumla has a dilapidated curvadhal. No parapet. Due to lack of budget, the high altitude playground in Patarashi Rural Municipality is lying idle. Dhankrishna Pandey, Chairman of Sports Development Committee Jumla, said that due to the lack of necessary budget, infrastructure preparation could not be accelerated. "We have 8 months at most, we have to prepare a lot in such a short time, but it is not yet decided where the structure will be built, what will be built," he said, "on the one hand, there is no plan study, the budget problem is also the same, it will cause problems in the sports competition. It seems.''Dailekh has only the usual curvadahl. The district sports building is operating in a rented house. Even there, due to lack of necessary infrastructure, sports activities are being conducted in open squares and schools.

Also, there is no sports infrastructure in Karnali compared to other provinces. Stadium, cricket, rugby and football fields are being prepared in Surkhet. Fields have been started for hockey at Simkot in Humla and ground for cricket at Chaurjahari in Rukum. In Surkhet, the main district where the 10th National Games will be held, provincial stadium, Chisapani football stadium, cricket ground, covered hall are being constructed with the investment of the provincial government. More than 35 sports are likely to be contested in the 10th National Games. The National Sports Council included 36 games in the ninth national held in Pokhara. However, the National Sports Association through the federal government has not paid any attention to building physical structures. The Union Government had allocated 35 million in the name of the 10th National Games. But it has not yet been implemented. On the other hand, the state government had demanded more than 1 billion, but the sports council says that there is no hearing. In the

sports competition, there will be competition in volleyball, football, swimming, badminton, karate, wushu, taekwondo, boxing, cricket, rugby, hockey, kabaddi, Sepaktacro. According to the State Sports Development Council, there are plans to hold cricket Kalinchok cricket ground, football Chisapani stadium, martial arts games in Calikot. Work is going on to prepare the structure for hockey in Humla by June 20. Kabaddi in Karnali requires indoor play. That infrastructure is not ready yet. There is no place to shoot. It is in no place other than Nepalgunj or Kathmandu.

Even when the 9th National Games was held in Pokhara, shooting was done in Kathmandu. Bishwamitra Sanjyal, Member Secretary of the Provincial Sports Council, said that the federal government has not supported in building infrastructure. "We have little time. We can't make big projects now," he said. "It was thought that the union government would be formed in partnership with the state government, but the opposite happened." It was hoped that the federal government would invest heavily in infrastructure in this current year. Although the necessary budget was requested many times, the budget was not allocated. If the union government had invested in sports infrastructure, infrastructure could have been built in the district.'

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