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Exciting victory of Nepal 'A' over Ireland Wolves

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Despite Gareth Delaney and Morgan Topping's partnership, Nepal 'A' defeated Ireland Wolves (A) by 3 runs in the third and final Twenty20 cricket match. Needing 20 runs in the last over, Ireland 'A' managed to score 16 runs.

Exciting victory of Nepal 'A' over Ireland Wolves

Although Fionn Hand scored 14 runs in the first 4 balls, he was run out trying to get 2 runs in the fifth ball. Needing 5 runs off the last ball for victory, Liam McCarthy managed to get only 1 run from the leg bye. Nepal has won this first game in the

series. Ireland 'A' had already won the series by winning the first two matches by 21 and 40 runs respectively.

opener Ross Adair scored 31 runs. He played 14 balls and hit 5 fours and 1 six. Another opener James McCullum was dismissed for 7 and Peter Moore for 2 runs. All these were dismissed by Bipin Khatri. Vipin spent only 23 runs keeping 1 maiden in 4 overs.

Delaney and Topping dominated the Nepali bowler after captain Neil Rock was dismissed for 2 runs. These two shared 119 runs for the fifth wicket in 65 balls. Topping scored 60 runs. He got out in the 18th over and hit 4 fours and a six in 37 balls.

Delaney scored 68 runs. He played 37 balls and hit 5 fours and a six. Apart from Bipin, Kamal Singh Airi, Rashid Khan and Narayan Joshi took 1 wicket each from Nepal. But Kamal and Rashid became very expensive. Rashid spent 55 runs in 4 overs and Kamal spent 42 runs.

Earlier, after Ireland 'A' won the toss, Nepal 'A' was invited to bat and scored 213 runs after losing 7 wickets in the scheduled 20 overs.

player of the match Arif Shaikh scored the highest unbeaten 93 . He played 48 balls and hit 7 fours and 6 sixes. In the first two matches of the series, Arif scored 49 and 14 runs respectively.

Arif and Rashid Khan shared a partnership of 46 runs in 19 balls for the seventh wicket. Rashid scored 24 runs playing 13 balls and hitting 3 sixes. He hit all three sixes in Matthew Foster's 18th over. Rashid was dismissed by Foster in the same over. In that over of Foster, the Nepali team added 27 runs.

Arif and Kamalsingh Airi also shared a partnership of 46 runs in 14 balls in the eighth wicket . Kamal played 7 balls and scored 19 unbeaten runs with 2 fours and 1 six. Nepal scored 84 runs losing 1 wicket in the last 5 overs.

Others from Nepal could not make a very dynamic contribution . Dev Khanal 6, Lokesh Bam 8, Captain Vinod Bhandari 11, Basir Ahmed 19, Pawan Sarraf 13 and Narayan Joshi were dismissed for 1 run. Fionn Hirand from Ireland 'A' took 2 wickets with 41 runs in 4 overs.

Ireland Wolves, defeated in the first two Twenty20 matches with the Nepali national team, will now play a series of three one-day matches with Nepal 'A'. The first match will be on Wednesday .

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