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'Datelo' becoming a source of income

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Dhatelo, a thorny plant found in abundance in the forest, has recently become a source of income for the locals. Locals are excited after the oil has been extracted from the seeds inside the dhatelo seeds. Since it is easily sold at a good price, there is an opportunity for the women here to collect it.

'Datelo' becoming a source of income

Residents of the rural settlements of Jumla go out early in the morning to pick paddy and return home only late. Local Jai Bahadur Kathayat said that because it is a thorny plant, the farmers carry gloves and sticks in their hands to pick the seeds.

Munkaura Budha of Chandannath Municipality-4 says that she earns her family's livelihood by selling castor oil. She said that she extracted 35 liters of castor oil last year. She said that she used it at home when she did not know that oil was being sold at 1000 per liter.

As it is the picking season at the moment, they have picked enough to extract about 40 to 50 liters of oil. I did not know that oil is sold at high prices in the market. This year, I have prepared to extract oil and take it to the market," she said.

Some say that since the time of Babubaje, people have been extracting oil from dhatelo and using it as oil for lighting lamps, massaging, and cooking. It is also used as pure oil for offering in temples.

'First, Dhatelo met the need for oil. It was gradually neglected, but when the price is good, they are picking it up,'' she said. In recent times, farmers have also built fences around apple orchards by planting dhatelo plants. Castor oil is still used in the house of Urmila Karki of Chandannath-4. Which has reduced the use of imported oil. She extracted 20 liters of castor oil last year alone and plans to extract 30 liters this year.

Anand Adhikari of Chandannath-5 has sold 60 liters this year alone. He said that oil was sold at 1000 per liter. According to him, one liter of oil comes out of four kilos of grain. He said that more than 60,000 liters of oil can be produced in the district by collecting sludge. He estimates that he can earn Rs 60 million from this.

Dhatelo plant, which is up to 2 meters high, begins to bear seeds from August and ripens from March to harvestable. It is mostly grown in dry and low water areas. According to Ayurveda doctors, its oil helps to reduce pain in various parts of the body and joints and helps patients with rheumatism.

Locals complain that the local government has shown no interest even though oil can be extracted from the seeds of dhatelo grown under neglect. Farmers are unable to get a mill to grind Dhatelo, so they grind it by hand in the traditional way.

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