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Snow blocked roads, affected air services

राजबहादुर शाही

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Gamgarhi Nagma road has been blocked due to rain and snowfall in the district and the air service of Rara Airport has been affected.

Snow blocked roads, affected air services

On Saturday and Sunday, the Gamgarhi Nagma road connecting the district headquarters was blocked and air services were affected due to continuous rain and snow. According to the road division office, vehicles plying at Nagma Gamgarhi under the Karnali highway were blocked due to heavy snowfall in Ghuchidab, the border area of ​​Mugu and Jumla. Less than a week after the thick snow frozen in the area was removed by excavators and the vehicles were operated, the road has been blocked again due to snowfall. While it is raining and snowing Head of Road Division Office Jumla Dipendra Bista informed that it is difficult to open the blocked road.

As soon as the snowfall and rain stop, he says that vehicles will be operated by using excavators to remove the frozen snow on the road. According to the road division office, employees and excavators have been kept ready to remove the frozen snow on the road.

After the road was blocked, cargo trucks, tractors, passenger jeeps, vehicles coming from Surkhet-Nepalganj towards Mugu are stopped on the way. Trader Prem Budha said that dozens of vehicles coming towards Mugu were stopped at Guchchidab, Bulbule, Jumla Gothijula, Nagma, Kalikot.

Passengers are stranded at the airport due to the lack of air service from Nepalgunj for 2 days due to snowfall and rain. Passengers coming from Mugu to Terai and Nepalgunj to Mugu are stopped at the airport. The communication service of Mugu district headquarters has also been affected due to snowfall and rain.

Nepal Red Cross President Jai Bahadur Malla said that the service users were in trouble after the network started to come and go.

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