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Jajarkot Earthquake: Construction of 28,000 temporary houses in Rukum West


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The construction of temporary housing is continuing in Rukum West, which was damaged by the earthquake on November 17, which was the center point of Ramidanda in Jajarkot. During four months, 28,034 temporary housing units have been constructed across the district.

Jajarkot Earthquake: Construction of 28,000 temporary houses in Rukum West

Assistant Chief District Officer Pravesh Budhuwal informed that it will take some time to build temporary housing for all the victims. Seven thousand three thousand nine hundred and twelve temporary houses are under construction in the district. Out of the 31,962 identified beneficiaries in the district, temporary housing for 3,928 families is yet to be constructed, said Assistant Prazia Badhuwal.

So far, eight thousand nine hundred 33 temporary houses have been constructed in Athabiskot Municipality and the least in Musikot Municipality, seven hundred and eight. Assistant Prazia Badhuwal informed that 6 thousand one hundred and 94 temporary houses have been built in Chaurjahari Municipality, 5 thousand seven hundred and 21 in Saniveri Rural Municipality, 3 thousand 494 in Triveni Rural Municipality and 2 thousand nine hundred and 93 beneficiaries have been identified in Banfikot Rural Municipality.

So far, District Disaster Management Fund has sent 799 million rupees at the rate of 25 thousand to local disaster mitigation fund for 31 thousand nine hundred and 62 beneficiaries. From the local disaster fund, 30 1,231 beneficiaries have received 750,000 rupees at the rate of 25,000.

District Administration Office Rukum Paschim has informed that one thousand seven hundred and thirty one beneficiaries identified in the district are yet to receive the first installment to build temporary housing.

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