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A younger priest of Chandananath

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24-year-old Ramesh Neupane of Hima rural municipality-4 Simtoli is the chief priest at the famous Chandannath temple in Karnali. He became a temple priest at the age of 17. Neupane, who came to the headquarters Khalanga in 2073 for the preparation of SEE, has been continuously working as the chief priest of Chandannath since 2075.

A younger priest of Chandananath

In the beginning, Ramesh, who was working to graze cattle and bring water to the temple, was taught to worship in the temple by Navraj Adhikari, the chief priest at that time.

As soon as the priest is called, it is believed that he should belong to the older generation . In such a situation, it is not a good thing to make a child a priest and be given the responsibility of worshiping the whole temple," he said. "I got a chance to become a priest at a young age. I am worshiping the main idol of the temple Datrataya .' The Guthi committee has also done the work of installing CCTV for the security of the temple and keeping the police bit.

that's why Ramesh is conducting worship in the temple with confidence . He is the youngest priest ever. That's why he has become a center of attraction. Internal and external tourists, devotees talk about the temple with interest. Ascetics get their first opportunity as a priest in Chandannath. If they are not there, it is recognized that an unmarried Kumar can work as a priest.

According to that, Ramesh became the priest of Chandannath temple in 2075 . Now, by establishing Gurukul Pathshala in Chandannath Bhairavanath temple premises, the production of priests has started . Ramesh also went to the Gurukul Pathshala for the first few days to learn about Pujapath .

On 11th November 2073, idols were stolen from Chandannath Temple. There was a lack of manpower to work in the temple. He believed in the temple and dharmakarma from earlier and wanted to sit and study in the temple. He was not able to get a job in the temple if he wanted to. The priest Navraj Adhikari kept him in the temple and started working. As he was busy with daily worship while at home, it was not new for him to come to the temple and pray.

Ramesh wakes up at 3 am . After washing the idols and cleaning the temple, they perform aarti puja at 5 am. Inoculating the devotees, cooking food, fasting at 10 in the morning and doing afternoon aarti . After bathing at three o'clock in the evening, they clean the temple and from 6 o'clock in the evening they are busy in worship . Having studied up to class 12, he himself studied Gurukul education.

Everyone respects him as the priest of Chandannath temple. Tourists visiting Raratal come to the temple and wear tika from his hands. He also wishes for success in the journey and gives blessings. The family did not want him to become a priest. He had to bear the pressure of the family for not having a priest when he went home many times. He said, "Five months after becoming a priest, he informed me at home. There is pressure from the family to leave the priest and get married and stay at home.' But he is not accepting it.

The Guthi Committee has fixed his salary at 21 thousand rupees per month. All the money raised in the temple is deposited in the account of the Guthi Committee. In every puja, he wishes for the welfare of the world and peace in the country. It is his experience that when he sees former president Bidya Devi Bhandari and other dignitaries coming to the temple and paying respects, he is more excited to work.

'Guthi committee believed to become a priest . I also wanted to work," said priest Neupane, "the temple is a religious place. Devotees are visiting the ship. But the structure built to pierce the temple has lost its beauty. He studied secondary education at Kalika Mavi Talikudu. Priest Neupane says that everyone should join hands to make the religious tourism of Karnali effective.

Ratnaprasad Acharya, the head of Guthi Samiti's office, said that Ramesh Chandannath is the youngest priest in the temple. "From the idols of the temple to all the properties in the vicinity are under the responsibility of the priest," he said.

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