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Suprem co-operative victim preparing to go to court after not trusting the government

The cooperative victims of Butwal who discussed on Tuesday are also cooperating with the victims of Pokhara and Chitwan
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The victims of Butwal's Supreme Co-operative Credit and Multi-Purpose Co-operative Organization have started preparing to go to court saying that the hope of getting justice from the government is dying.

Suprem co-operative victim preparing to go to court after not trusting the government

The meeting of the victims in Butwal on Tuesday decided to go to the judicial process saying that the police and the government have not started the process of giving justice, they are trying to protect the embezzlers. From cleaning toilets, to selling tea and noodles on the streets, he said, suspicions have increased because the main person involved in misappropriating the money saved and prosecuted only ordinary employees.

Vijay Nepal, the coordinator of the Supreme Victims' Struggle Committee, said that there was no hope of getting justice even though the police administration and various agencies of the government had been continuously attacking for a long time, so discussions were held on how to proceed. He said that they gathered in the hall of a commercial building in Butwal and asked lawyers for consultation, collected documents of the victims and concluded that they would go to judicial process.

"Rather than providing us with the investigation and research documents that have been conducted so far, the situation is that the government agencies and the police have not given them," he said. The government is still asleep when it arrives.'

When the employee who deposited the money was jailed, the victims became more stressed when they heard that there was no case against people like Lamichhane involved in money embezzlement. The victims have started discussions about going to court in order to cooperate with the cooperative victims of Pokhara, Chitwan.

victims have previously staged street demonstrations demanding justice. They are complaining that even though they have been asking the representatives of the local government and the state to take the initiative to return the money, they have not been heard from anywhere. The victims expressed their sorrow that after Kailash Sirohia, the chairman of Kantipur Media Group, who has been continuously publishing news about the

victims, was arrested on Tuesday in a vindictive manner, the hope of the victims to get their money back from the government has died down. "Now we are hoping that the court will give some justice," said the victim, Tek Prasad Shrestha He filed a complaint at the local police office demanding that those who embezzled the returns and savings be arrested and prosecuted.

The investigation carried out by the police for almost two months has registered a case against 28 people including former president and current patron of the cooperative GB Rai, current president Omprakash Gurung, former secretary Dipesh Pun, current secretary Kumar Ramtel. The police have given the opinion that the common employees of the cooperative should also be prosecuted. However, even though Ravi Lamichhane took the funds of the cooperative through Gorkha Media Network Pvt.

The victims alleged that the police tried to protect Lamichhane because he was the home minister. However, a case has been initiated against Roshni Gurung, a general employee of the cooperative who deposited the amount in the name of Lamichhane. Gurung was released from jail after paying the 2 lakh bond set by the court. President Omprakash Gurung is in jail. According to the police report, the officers and employees of the cooperative including Rai, Pun and Gurung have embezzled 86.18 million, 23 thousand out of the 1.31 billion saved from the public by the group including GB Rai in the cooperative. Out of that amount, RSVP Chairman and Home Minister Lamichhane has taken 20 million through Gorkha Media Network.

Similarly, RSVP Co-General Minister Bipin Kumar Acharya is seen to have taken Rs 1 crore 56 lakh 15 thousand rupees through Gorkha media network. There were 10,391 members in the cooperative.

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