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Due to the problem of not selling milk and not getting payment on time, farmers are worried

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Shiv Karki, a farmer of Bardghat in West Nawalparasi, has not received payment for the sale of milk since last August. Karki, who is raising cattle commercially, complained that he was unable to pay workers, animal feed and bank interest due to non-payment on time.

Due to the problem of not selling milk and not getting payment on time, farmers are worried

He said that they had to protest after not getting their due payment for a long time. Karki alone has more than 10 lakhs to be paid.

'Animal rearing was started by investing millions, the milk produced during the bankruptcy due to non-payment of bank interest came to a situation where even the milk produced could not be sold,' Karki said, 'How is the government importing dairy items from abroad without buying the milk produced by Nepali farmers in an agricultural country? ?'

Farmers of the district expressed their protest by spilling milk on the road on Friday in protest against not getting a fair price for milk and low consumption. As the milk produced by the farmers is not being sold and they are not getting the price, the farmers of the district formed the Sangharsh Committee and protested. Like Karki, most of the farmers in West Nawalparasi are in trouble because they do not get the milk market and fair price. In the

district alone, the farmers have yet to receive more than 50 million from the dairy and powder industries. Nirmala Luitel, a farmer of Sunwal, says that there is a situation where there is no consumption in the village and due to lack of timely payment when selling the milk at the collection center, they have to flee from the business.

"Who will take action against the industrialist who steals milk when he needs it and when the industry is running, and forces the farmer to throw the milk on the road because the industry is not operating?" She said, "That's why young people have migrated abroad. Instead of doing something in the country, the government has insulted the farmers by acting as if they do not understand the plight of the farmers.'

While the farmers are complaining about not getting paid on time, milk collecting cooperatives and dairies have been saying that the problem is created due to the big milk processing industry. Poorna Prasad Timalsina, president of Chandrodaya Multi-Purpose Cooperative Organization in Bardghat, said that due to the fact that large industries do not pay on time and do not agree to purchase the collected milk, it is difficult for farmers to pay on time.

When the government increased the tax on milk powder in Nepal, dairy products are being illegally imported from India. Farmers have been directly hit when big businessmen started buying milk and selling it from India instead of making powder and importing it from India when it is cheaper than Nepalese powder. After the government decided to ban the import of dairy products from abroad only on Tuesday, the farmers of Nopli have said that they hope to get the remaining arrears.

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