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Residents of Syaulibang reached the authority office asking for electricity

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Locals from Lungkhola, one of the main sources of Jhimruk hydropower project, reached the Electricity Authority office on Thursday demanding electricity. Naubahini rural municipality-1 Syaulibang came to the authority office to put pressure after the local electricity was not extended.

Residents of Syaulibang reached the authority office asking for electricity

The work that started three years ago to expand electricity in one year has not yet been completed.

Sher Bahadur Sen, the former ward president of Noubahini Rural Municipality 1 Syaulibang, said that due to the delay in the extension of electricity, they were deprived of consuming local electricity. "It is not working, the electricity supplies that have reached the village are also stranded in rivers and forests," he said.

Locals say that the entire village had to come after one or two people tried to get help, but there was no response. 'We have come here to represent the tolls, if the work is not done on time, we will come to surround the office,' the local said. They complained that their voices were not heard when they demanded electricity easily. 'The office did not listen to our voice easily, so we have come to pressurize,' said LP Sherchan, a resident of Syaulibang.

Syaulibang is the most remote village of Pyuthan. Although it is an area with great potential for tourism, electricity has not yet reached the village. Sherchan complained that it is difficult to operate small industries in the village due to lack of electricity. People who live in the market will laugh at our problem, but this is our obligation, there is no electricity in the village yet. How can we say that we are citizens of the 21st century," he said, "even the basic needs have not been fulfilled."

A contract agreement was signed on May 7, 2078 for the expansion of electricity in Naubahin Rural Municipality-1 Syaulibang. Ghan Bahadur Budha, Chairman of Naubahini Rural Municipality Ward No. 1, said that even after three years have passed since Maharishi Construction was entrusted with the task of electricity expansion, not even 10 percent of the work has been completed. The plan is to complete the work by 30th Chait, 2078, but the plan has not been completed until the 80th Chait. After the delay in the extension of electricity in the village, we have reached the door of the office,' said Budha, the ward president, 'both the office and the contractor company have run away making excuses when we have been asked repeatedly.'

'According to the agreement, if the work had been completed on the specified date, the village would have received electricity two years earlier. So far we are in the dark, we need an answer when we will be able to turn on the electricity,' said the local Purna Budhamar, 'We will not hesitate to go to any agency to start the electricity extension work.'

Pyuthan Distribution Center signed a contract worth 15 lakh 5 thousand 838 rupees for the expansion of electricity in Syaulibang. But due to the corona epidemic, the work has been delayed due to the lack of necessary equipment for the expansion of electricity, said Mahendra Kumar Das, chief engineer of Nepal Electricity Authority Pyuthan Distribution Center. According to him, the work will be completed within one month and a half as all the goods have arrived now.

"We have given instructions to complete the work by the end of April," he said, "If the work is not completed by the time stated, we will go to another process."

He also warned that if the work is not completed by the end of March, action will be taken against the contractor. About 600 households in Syaulibang are facing difficulties due to lack of electricity.

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