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Muglin-Pokhara Road Extension: The journey is smooth

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Under the Prithviraj highway, Muglin-Pokhara road is being expanded to four lanes. Passengers have to bear the brunt of the road which is being extended due to rain and mud.

Muglin-Pokhara Road Extension: The journey is smooth

The distance from Damauli, the headquarters of Tanahun, to Vijayapul (Kaski) is about 43 kilometers. This distance can be covered in an hour when the highway is smooth. However, on Tuesday morning, it took about 3 and a half hours to cross this distance, says the DP official.

The officer who boarded a bus from Damauli to Bijaypul at 7:30 in the morning reached Vijaypul at around 11 am. He said, "The rain since Monday afternoon has made the highway slippery." The vehicle is ready to run .

Most of the road has been demolished during the expansion of Ambukhareni-Pokhara section. Hundreds of vehicles pass through that highway every day.

Muglin-Pokhara section is being divided into two parts and the expansion work is going on . Under the Muglin-Pokhara road plan, the road expansion is being carried out by maintaining the eastern section of Ambukhaireni-Jamune and the western section of Jamune-Pokhara.

In order to widen the road, the section from Ambukhaireni to Pokhara has been demolished. Although most parts of the eastern section have been paved, the expected progress has not been made in the western section. Due to the rain, the widening road has become slippery. When the road is slippery, the vehicle is unable to move. Thousands of passengers traveling through the highway have to suffer.

As the road is shaky, drivers have to The official said that he was able to identify the track. He said, "I can't walk because of the mud on the road." Small four-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles are more safe.'

The travel is very safe in Jamune, Akala, Kumlekhola, Khairenitar, Gachchepani and other places in the western section. There is a fear that the car will slip in some places . The road has become narrow due to diversions in places.

Engineer and information officer of the western section, Narayan Poudel, says that although it is one-way in the west section, efforts are being made to create an easy traveling environment by increasing the distance of the black road. According to him, so far, about 11 kilometers of the road has been paved one-way.

The Chinese company Yanhui Kaiyuan Highway and Bridge Construction has paid 7 billion 40 million 46 million rupees for the road expansion of this section. The contract was signed on 2nd June 2078 and the work started from 12th August. V.No. About 23 percent physical progress has been shown with 4 months left until the end of the contract agreement to be able to work till August 2081 .

Similarly, in the eastern section, 19 kilometers of four-lane roads have been paved and 8 kilometers of roads have been paved with 2 lanes. For the expansion of this section, China Communication Construction has signed a contract for 6 billion 21 million 31 million 13 thousand rupees.

The contract was signed on 17th January 2077 and the work was started on 2nd May 2078 . Although there is an agreement to be able to work till 2081 Baisakh, the physical progress has been shown to be about 56 percent . According to the plan, the contractor proposed to extend the deadline by 6 months saying that the work could not be completed within the specified time due to the corona virus infection.

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