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Gandaki presented three bills in the state assembly

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After a long time, the winter session of the Gandaki Provincial Assembly has started from Wednesday. The session, which was postponed on October 11, started almost six months later.

Gandaki presented three bills in the state assembly

Three bills have been submitted in the provincial assembly meeting held on Wednesday. The bill to amend the Gandaki Province Private Firm Registration Act, 2078 has been tabled. Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment Minister Dipendra Bahadur Thapa submitted the bill.

Similarly, along with the report of the committee, Chairman of Social Development and Agriculture Committee Phanindra Devkota has submitted a bill to regulate seed sowing in Gandaki Province and Chairperson of Provincial Affairs and Law Committee Champadevi Khadka has submitted a bill to regulate mass communication in Gandaki Province. After discussion, the bill was submitted to the state assembly with amendments. Leaders of all the four parliamentary parties represented in the first meeting of the convention gave speeches.

Addressing the state assembly meeting, Chief Minister Surendraraj Pandey said that the strengthening of the state government has been done in cooperation and coordination with the ruling party and the opposition. The leader of the main opposition party, Khagraj Adhikari, said that the government has always been in favor of strengthening the federal democratic republic.

Maoist Parliamentary Party leader Hari Bahadur Chuman said that even after 8 years of implementation of federalism, effective work has not been done, while RPP Parliamentary Party leader Pancharam Gurung said that development has not picked up pace after 2046 years.

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