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Grassland and drinking water for wildlife

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Intermediate community forests in Pitholi, Amaltari area of ​​Kawasoti have provided well managed grassland and drinking water for wild animals. The users of Gundrahi Dhaka Intermediate Community Forest located in Kawasoti-15 have recently constructed a grassland in about 150 hectares. Along with the development of tourism, forest users have built grasslands for wildlife protection.

Grassland and drinking water for wildlife

After removing unnecessary bushes and weeds in the open areas of the forest area, wild animals do not have to wander for food. The wetland area near the grassland has been cleaned and prepared for drinking water and ahal for the rhinoceros, deer and birds that walk in search of food.

'The way we choose clean and abundant water places for living. The same rule applies to animals," said Nar Bahadur Mahato, chairman of Gundrahi Dhaka Intermediate Community Forest. "When wild animals started entering the settlement in search of sufficient food and drinking water, grasslands were constructed to accommodate them inside the forest."

Boring of solar technology for drinking water in forests Also kept. According to him, it is easy to drink water during the afternoon. Grasslands have also benefited the wild natives. The hotels and restaurants that have opened around Narayani are taking income by taking tourists around this grassland. Due to the availability of water and grass than in other places, wild animals can be easily seen here.

The grassland prepared by local consumers as a model three years ago in Pitholi has now become a tourist attraction. DB Chowdhury, a tourism businessman and conservationist, said that the grassland has a new use and it has helped the local consumers in economic development along with biodiversity conservation.

"Proper use of natural resources will benefit everyone," he said, "The attraction of tourists has also increased after organizing the empty square of the community forest and creating a grassy field."

Tourists who come to see wild animals such as rhinos and tigers on the banks of Pitholi Narayani, which is being developed as a tourist area, enjoy jeep safaris in the model grasslands. During the dry season, it has become easy for the wild animals to drink after arranging water in the pits of the field through pipes. Tourists who come to see wildlife have increased the income of the community forest and businessmen have also benefited.

Grassland construction also aims to reduce wildlife-human conflict. "After wild animals wandering in search of food get pasture and water, there is a decrease in the number of animals coming to the settlement," said Nature Guide Sudhan Lamsal. The number of hotels and restaurants has increased on the banks of Narayani in Pitholi, Kawasoti, Amaltari and other places. There has been an increase in the number of tourists visiting the community forest for walking, jeep safaris and bird watching. .

Grassland has also been managed in Chitwan National Park. In the core area of ​​the park, more than 10,000 hectares of grasslands have been managed and water resources have been conserved Ganesh Tiwari, information officer of the park, said that attention has been given.

'Our main work is wildlife conservation. For that, we have paid attention to the protection of grasslands and wetlands,' Tiwari said, 'Even in the middle region, consumers' efforts to make food for wild animals easier by using grass and water sources are commendable.'

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