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6 vultures died after eating poison, conservationists are worried

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The number of vultures that have died due to eating poison on the banks of Lokaha River in Kawasoti has reached 6. Wildlife and animal protection workers have expressed concern after the endangered vulture Bhatabhat was found dead. Earlier on Monday afternoon, 5 vultures were found dead on the banks of the river.

6 vultures died after eating poison, conservationists are worried

Among the injured, one more vulture died, said Biji Chaudhary, a conservationist who was assisting in the treatment. The other 6 injured vultures are being treated. The conservationists are worried because of the death of vultures of the endangered species .

On Sunday, 5 vultures were found dead on the banks of the Lokaha River in Kawasoti Municipality-11, while some others were found injured. 2 dead foxes were found near the place where the vulture died. The local people suspect that the fox died of poison.

Conservationist Choudhary said that the vultures may have died because of eating that fox. According to him, one mountain vulture and one of Dangarjat have died. One vulture and 6 Dungar vultures are injured. 5 months ago, 17 vultures were found dead in the area around Kerunge River in Kawasoti.

endangered vulture conservation After establishing a vulture restaurant and protecting it, conservationists are worried after the vulture was found dead. There is a Jatayu restaurant that helps increase the number of vultures in Kawasoti's model intermediate community forest. There is a purpose to call vultures by placing dead quadrupeds. Endangered vulture protection It has been more than 16 years since Giddha Restaurant was established here as a local initiative.

On January 20, 465 vultures were found in one bag near that restaurant . Conservationists were excited when so many vultures gathered in one bag. Giddha restaurant started in Nepal has been considered successful in the world. In the vulture restaurant, the dead quadrupeds are kept and fed to the vultures in one bag.

Satellite tags are applied to vultures that come and fly there. It makes it easy to get information about where the vulture has been. More than 15 different philanthropic organizations have invested to make the Jatayu restaurant (a restaurant that collects food for vultures) successful. This area has been chosen because the vulture makes a virtue of the simal tree . Simal trees are abundant in Chitwan Nikunj and its central area.

There are 23 species of vultures worldwide. All 9 species of vultures found in South Asia are found in Nepal. There are 8 species of vultures in Kawasoti area. Vultures play a big role in cleaning the environment. The vulture is considered to be a nomad of nature. It helps to clean the environment by eating garbage. The vultures raised in the vulture breeding center of Sauraha are brought here and released. A tall simal tree vulture favorite Habitat is .

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