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Gauri Shankar Children's Home in a risky building

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He spends the night in a dangerous building that has been torn apart by an earthquake, and there is no interest in rebuilding the building. Dark room inside the earthquake damaged building, no carpet on the cold floor. The children of Gourishankar Kindergarten spend the night in the same room.

Gauri Shankar Children's Home in a risky building

Woke up early in the morning and went to school. After sitting in a queue and waiting for their turn to eat, they reach school after a 45-minute walk. In the year 2053, the Netherlands government built this orphanage for the nurturing and education of vulnerable children.

29 The 5 buildings of the children's home spread in the Ropani area have been damaged by the 2072 earthquake. These buildings were torn apart by the earthquake. are . Due to the water leaking from the roof of the building, the children stay awake all night . Currently, there are children aged 5 to 17 years from Humla, Kalikot, Rolpa, Dolakha and other districts in the orphanage. In the absence of a blanket, they spend the night in the cold ground .

Santosh Bohora of Humla said that there is a situation where they have to spend the night lying down on beds made of iron without a cover. "The slope leaks and rains all night, there is nothing to lie down on the cold ground," he said, "because there are no windows, we have to spend the night more safely, we don't know which day the roof will fall." Not even dyeing has been done . Not much in food It's not a problem, but when you live in a dangerous building, you don't know that you spend the night in the derrider,' he said Tell . He said that because there was no window, it was difficult to sleep through the night due to mosquito bites. At one time, this orphanage was the largest and model in the country. At that time, more than 150 children were dependent in the orphanage.

After the Nepal Children's Organization took over, the condition of the children's home has become miserable . There is no fence anywhere, everything is loose. Because there is no compound, the materials and food given by donors to the orphanage are stolen. The children have complained that the children are being threatened by coming in and taking away the materials given to them by someone.

Children's home does not even have sports and educational materials. One room has a small TV . It also has to be done sitting in the cold ground. Children who go to school around 8 in the morning arrive at the orphanage tired at 6 in the evening. It takes 45 minutes to reach the school from the nursery and at least an hour to come.

Asmit Dhungel of Dolakha says that even during the rainy season, he goes to school in spite of lack of rain. If it rains while going to school, we don't even have an umbrella,' he said, 'If it rains heavily when we come back from school, we keep our books there and get wet.' Tell . The teaching, entertainment and nutrition rooms designed for children are full of things. The structures here are not there now. Children who are at risk come here from all over the country are . If someone is sick, the government does not send even the cost of treatment.

Ram Prasad Sapkota, president of Nepal Children's Organization Dolakha, said that there is an obligation to keep children at risk in buildings that have become a risk due to the earthquake. The aftershocks of the earthquake are still not happening, we have brought them to Chowr to see if the building will collapse,' he said, 'We stay in Chowr at night if there is an aftershock at night.' He said that all the buildings with

s are in a condition of tearing and leaking and collapsing due to the earthquake. After the earthquake, even the school buildings with 10/15 students were destroyed,' he said, 'The state has placed the shelter of such helpless children at risk in the cracked building.' He questioned . He complained that although he asked many agencies to rebuild the building, there was no initiative from anywhere. "Children from all over the country who are at risk, without parents and picked up from the streets are kept here," "But there is an obligation to keep a risk assessment in this building that is about to collapse." He said that the old structures and property of the children's home should be searched for.

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