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Sunkosi-Marin Diversion: Tunneling resumed

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The tunnel boring work of Sunkosi Marin Diversion, which was stopped two months ago after the tunnel boring machine (TBM) got stuck in the landslide, has resumed operations from Friday. The work was interrupted when a dry landslide fell inside the tunnel and buried the machine.

Sunkosi-Marin Diversion: Tunneling resumed

Mitra Baral, head of the Sunkosi-Marin multi-purpose project informed that the work started after the TBM machine buried inside the tunnel was bypassed and safely removed.

Due to the combination of complex geographical conditions and underground water in the Mahabharata region, he said that the work started normally, which was blocked by the landslide inside the tunnel 60 days ago.

The work was stopped after reaching 10.544 km after the powder like soil fell from the right and the top inside the tunnel and pressed the TBM . With the joint efforts of TBM machine manufacturer Rovins America, consultant Smek Australia, contractor company Kovek China, expert team, and project technicians, an additional 119 meters have been excavated. Even before this, the work was stopped due to landslides inside the tunnel five times. 26 hundred and 37 meters of tunnel are left to be dug in the length of 13.3 km.

Sunkosi rural municipality-7 Tang, the project has informed that the tunnel digging machine TBM is less likely to be stopped as the work has progressed under the Tang river. The tunnel digging work started on October 28, 2079. The project is underway to complete the tunnel within the specified period of 22 months. If the work continues without interruption, the project will be completed on the specified date, said Baral told .

Sunkosi Marin diversion tunnel site . Photo: Rajkumar Karki/Kantipur

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