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Miradevi got citizenship after 25 years of marriage


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A woman of Saptari Chinnamasta Rural Municipality-3 got Nepalese citizenship on Wednesday after 25 years of marriage and coming to her husband's house. Miradevi Mandal got citizenship at a time when children who have reached the age should get citizenship.

Miradevi got citizenship after 25 years of marriage

Miradevi, who was Mahathor Maiti of Madhuvani district of Bharat Vihar state, was married to Ram Lakhan Mandal of Chinnamasta Rural Municipality-3 in the year 2056.

Meera's husband Ram Lakhan did not pay attention to her citizenship for a few years after she entered as a daughter-in-law. Mira Kumari's husband, Ram Lakhan, who has two children, a 17-year-old daughter and a 15-year-old son, was not able to become a citizen since he had no contact with his family for 15 years.

Her citizenship was not obtained and the citizenship of her husband Ramlakhan was not found and Ramlakhan was out of contact, and her children's education was in crisis due to the lack of citizenship. But due to the lack of her husband's citizenship and identity card, her citizenship could not be obtained.

Chinnamasta rural municipality has recommended marriage registration and village chairman Vidyanand Chowdhury has registered with the district administration on Wednesday and made citizenship.

She said that her children's education was also affected due to lack of citizenship. Miradevi said - 'I was deprived of government facilities due to lack of citizenship. After 15 years of no contact with her husband Ramlakhan, Miradevi has been making a living by selling flowers in the famous Chinnamasta Bhagwati temple complex and sending her children.

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