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Dalit woman's body held hostage in hospital as she could not pay for treatment

The hospital administrator says, 'We don't have any subsidy, we don't have any donors, after being admitted to the hospital, the expenses incurred for the treatment will be taken from the patient side, right?'

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The body of a Dalit woman from Saptari, who died during treatment at the Birat Nursing Home in Biratnagar, has become a hostage because she could not pay the hospital bill. The body of 42-year-old Shyamakumari Ram, wife of Umesh Ram of Balanbihul rural municipality-2 of Saptari, who died on 3rd June, was kept in the hospital because she could not pay the treatment expenses.

Dalit woman's body held hostage in hospital as she could not pay for treatment

Shyam Kumari, who was returning home in a city rickshaw from Bodevarsain Bazar in Saptari on March 5, was hit by a tractor numbered 1, 328 and was seriously injured. She was admitted to Virat Nursing Home and died on May 3 during treatment.

Umesh Ram, the husband of the deceased from a poor family, is in trouble after the hospital said that they will give the body only after paying the treatment expenses. According to Shyama's relative Ram Ekwal Ram, the hospital has shown an expenditure of Rs. 12 lakh 59 thousand 200. Of which Shyama's family has already paid Rs 3 lakh 74 thousand to the hospital.

The family has already paid 525,000 separately for the cost of 8 lakhs for such medicine. Ram Ekwal said that the family of the deceased had to wait for the body outside the hospital as they could not manage the money after the hospital said that they would give the body only if they paid the remaining amount.

The body of 21-year-old Roshan Kumar Saday of Surunga Municipality-1, Saptari, who died on 1st of June, was kept hostage in Biratnagar's Nobel Medical College and Teaching Hospital for 5 days as he could not pay the treatment expenses. After keeping the body hostage in the hospital for five days, Nobel allowed the family to take the body away on Saturday.

In the last case of Shyam Kumari, the tractor owner who hit the road has given only one lakh rupees so far. Shyamakumari's husband, Umesh, who has been in Qatar for a long time for employment, has returned to Nepal after his wife was injured in an accident.

Having a son and two daughters, he said, 'We raised a family while working abroad. After his wife's accident, he returned on leave, but could not save his wife. While the body is being held captive, they have not been able to do so.'

Virat Nursing Home's administration chief Padam Binadi said that Shyama Kumari's treatment of Rs 8.5 lakhs has yet to be paid to the hospital. We have no grant, no donor. After being admitted to the hospital, the cost of treatment will be taken from the patient's side, right? Binadi said, 'The body has been stopped because of the amount spent on treatment.' And since the owner of the tractor is absconding, he said that he is taking steps to manage the medical expenses.

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