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The Maoist center left the Madhesh government

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CPN-Maoist center has left Madhesh province government. Minister without Department Bharat Prasad Shah and Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism Yuvraj Bhattarai, who became ministers from the Maoist Center, submitted their collective resignations to Chief Minister Saroj Kumar Yadav on Sunday afternoon.

The Maoist center left the Madhesh government

Along with this, the Maoists have left the central government. Another ruling party CPN-UML is also ready to leave the government today. JSP led by Upendra Yadav, Nepal is divided and Janata Samajwadi Party is formed under Ashok Rai, the government is about to change in Madhes.

After the UML and Maoist Center left the government, it is certain that the Jaspa Nepal Yadav-led government will fall.

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