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Madhesh government in 'Dharapa'

With the UML and Maoists preparing to exit the government, the homework of forming a new government intensified
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After the party split, the Madhesh government led by Jaspa Nepal has collapsed. UML and Maoists have prepared to leave the government led by Chief Minister Saroj Kumar Yadav. The leaders of both the parties, awaiting the instructions of the top leader, are engaged in the homework of withdrawing support from the state government and forming a new government.

Madhesh government in 'Dharapa'

Talks were also held between the UML and the Maoists in Janakpur on Thursday regarding the formation of a new government. According to sources, it is yet to be decided whether the Chief Minister will be UML or Maoist. Both parties have a claim on the Chief Minister. As soon as this is over, the support given to Chief Minister Yadav will be withdrawn and a new government will be formed,” the source said. Discussions between the UML and the Maoists are also continuing on issues such as the form of the new government, the assurance of participating parties in the government and the rotation of the chief minister.

Maoist Madhesh Pradesh Parliamentary Party leader Bharat Prasad Sah said that he is in internal discussion. "The president has asked to stay on 'waiting'," he said, "as soon as the instructions are given, there is a possibility that the power equation in Madhesh will change." He said that the parties will be consulted after the internal discussion. UML leaders have also increased the discussion in the party. 'There is a possibility of a change in the Madhesh government after the JSP Nepal split,' said Dipendra Thakur, the deputy leader of the Madhesh parliamentary party The support of 54 MPs is required to form the government. The Yadav-led government now has the support of the UML, Maoists, and the United Socialists. There are 25 MPs from UML, 9 from Maoist, 7 from United Socialist Party and 8 from LOSPA. Although Jaspa Nepal has 19 MPs, it is not decided how many MPs will join the newly formed Jaspa due to the division. There are 22 MPs from Congress, 13 from Janmat, 1 from RPP, 1 from Civil Immunity and 1 from Rizwan Ansari's Nepal Federal Samajwadi Party. 3 independent MPs were elected in Madhesh. All three have joined different parties. Independent MPs Pramod Jaiswal is Education and Culture Minister from UML. Independent MP Surita Kumari Sah, who entered JSP Nepal, is the Minister of Youth and Sports. Similarly, Anirudh Kumar Singh, who won independence from Saptari, has entered Nepal.

The UML-Maoists are even more excited after the public opinion indicated that they can withdraw their support to Chief Minister Yadav and cooperate with the new government. "Janamat's parliamentary party leader Mahesh Prasad Yadav said, 'We will negotiate with the UML and Maoists to form a new government.' Yadav is working out. However, he needs the support of all MPs of JSP Nepal, Congress, LOSPA as well as the Unified Socialists. "It seems difficult to form another government under the leadership of S and LOSPA and JSP Nepal," Ramashish Yadav, chief whip of JSP Nepal Provincial Assembly, said, "All the games are being played from the center." If the Jaspa Nepal government is in crisis in Madhesh, it will be clear who has broken our party.'

Yadav, who was appointed as the Chief Minister on December 27, 2079, has been the Chief Minister of Madhesh Province continuously since then. Chief Minister Yadav has taken the vote of confidence four times during his tenure of about 16 months.

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