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Lack of DAP fertilizer in Parsa

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Farmers have complained about the acute shortage of DAP fertilizer in the district. Prithvi Sah, secretary of Kisan Hakhit Sangharsh Samiti Parsa, says that the farmers are in trouble due to the extreme shortage of DAP fertilizer in the district.

Lack of DAP fertilizer in Parsa

"There is a high demand for DAP fertilizer for crops such as rice, maize, sugarcane, tobacco, etc.," he said. DAP has not been able to get fertilizer.'

President of Nepal Kisan Sangh Parsa Asarfi Sah also complains about the extreme shortage of DAP fertilizers. He said that farmers who have not planted chaite paddy have more problems. "Those who haven't planted Chaite paddy yet have a lot of problems," he said. He said that although farmers living in border areas bring DAP fertilizer from India, farmers in the northern region have no choice.

At present, farmers need DAP fertilizer for rice, sugarcane and tobacco crops. The government agency that supplies fertilizer, the Agricultural Materials Company, does not have enough stock of DAP fertilizer. According to the

table, DAP fertilizer of the agricultural material company did not arrive on time, and the possibility of shortage of DAP fertilizer has increased in Madhesh, Bagmati and Gandaki provinces this year. Durga Prasad Pandey, head of the company's Madhesh regional office, said that currently 2,545 tonnes of DAP fertilizer are available in the company's regional office Birgunj and 2 thousand 885 tonnes of DAP fertilizer in the company's offices across Madhesh province including Birgunj.

The currently available DAP fertilizer is also the accumulated balance and remaining quota fertilizer . In Sindhuli, Parbat, Damauli, Gajuri, Pokhara and other offices, Kota's DAP stool has not yet been operational.

office has enough stock of urea fertilizer. Pandey says that currently there are 8 thousand 700 tons of urea fertilizer in Virganj and 18 thousand 913 tons of urea fertilizer in offices across Madhesh province. Currently, the demand for urea fertilizer is low, so its stock has increased.

Under the direction of the center, the company and the Salt Trading Corporation Limited are also distributing urea and DAP fertilizers from the accumulated balance targeting the Chaite paddy crop . Generally, these institutes have stored the accumulated amount of fertilizer in case of emergency and government agencies such as Nepal Agricultural Research Council, Bijurdi Program, etc. to provide it throughout the year. It is customary to set aside 10 percent of the total amount of manure that is regularly brought in and keep the accumulated balance in this way.

office chief Pandey says that the company's 45,000 metric tons of DAP fertilizer in the pipeline is likely to arrive by the end of May. He said that the company is going to import 25,000 metric tons of DAP fertilizer with India through G2G process and 20,000 metric tons through global tender.

"There is a possibility that both consignments of fertilizer will start arriving towards the end of May," he said, "Aditya Birla Group has received the consignment contract of the global tender and the government of India has given the responsibility to deliver the fertilizer of G2G to Nepal."

Apart from this, Pandey informed that the company is going to import 25,000 metric tons of DAP and 30,000 metric tons of urea fertilizer through the global tender. "Among these two consignments, the Indian company IPL has got the contract for the supply of urea fertilizer and the same company has also got the contract for DAP," he said. This year there will be no shortage of fertilizers in the upcoming paddy crop season.'

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