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Supreme Court's short-term interim order to immediately stop illegal mining in Ratu river

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The Supreme Court has issued a short-term interim order to stop the mining immediately, saying that the illegal mining in the Ratu River of Mahottari has adversely affected the environment.

Supreme Court's short-term interim order to immediately stop illegal mining in Ratu river

Judge Anand Mohan Bhattarai's bench ruled that there was illegal mining in Ratu and ordered the petitioner to stop the mining immediately on Sunday and to appear before the court by March 19. A case was filed in the Supreme Court on February 17 to stop the illegal mining in Ratu, which has adverse effects on the environment. According to the contract imposed by Bardiwas municipality, the river has not been drained according to the rules, the environmental impact assessment passed by the municipal executive is not environmentally adverse, The representatives of various political parties jointly filed a lawsuit demanding to stop the mining due to problems such as extraction of river products contrary to standards, local government favoring illegal exploitation, revenue evasion due to illegal extraction.

Advocate Padma Bahadur Shrestha informed that the court issued such an order after the debate on the writ by advocates Padambahadur Shrestha, Raju Phuyal, Sudhanraj Acharya, Vishnu Komar Thokar and Sudeep Kumar Bhujel. The Supreme Court said that in view of the adverse effects of the uncontrolled exploitation of river products on the environment and human life and the damage caused to the river, it is necessary to stop such actions immediately.

According to Advocate Shrestha, as soon as the Supreme Court orders, mining activities in the river should be stopped and if it is not stopped, it will be contempt of court. Shankar Mahato, Shyam Khadka, Niroj Adhikari, Bimlesh Mahato, Chetkumar Thapa, Parashuram Basnet and Ramjatan Mahato, representatives of various political parties of Bardiwas filed a lawsuit against 12 offices including Dev Vishnu Construction and Rajesh & Brotherash Construction and Suppliers Dolakha Bhimeshwar, who got the contract from Bardiwas Municipality this year. had done

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