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Let the budget that creates jobs come

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Common Nepalis are now waiting for the budget to be submitted to Parliament by Finance Minister Varshman Pun for the financial year 2081/82. The challenge of speeding up a country that is going through an economic recession through the budget is on the shoulders of Minister Pun.

If a budget can be made that makes 30 million Nepalis happy, it will be considered a great success for Minister Pun as well as for the government. For that, productive schemes that have a direct positive impact on the lives of common people should come in the budget, and not leader-oriented schemes that do not yield results. It is important to make the budget in a way that gives returns to the people and creates jobs, not in a way that scatters money.

Let the budget be allocated to schemes like startups that help in providing employment to the youth. Let the budget come to encourage the information technology industry. Last year, Nepal's information technology sector is bringing in billions from software exports. This sector has given employment to thousands of Nepalis in the country. Therefore, an environment should be created for it to flourish through the budget. Most of our MPs pressure the Finance Minister to give budget for unproductive works like Patipauwa, Temple, View Tower.

This is adversely affecting the development of Nepal. This year's budget should give special priority to employment and agriculture. And only the crowd of young people at the international airport can be reduced. The budget should give enough budget to the Terai-Madhesh-Kathmandu fast track which is considered to be a game changer plan of Nepal. Another issue that the budget needs to look at is the policy consistency and continuity of electric vehicles.

Recently we have heard a lot that Kathmandu has become the number 1 most polluted city in the world. Is it a matter of pride? Will the health of 5 million Nepalis living in such a city be okay? Finance Minister and his family will also fall within that 5 million. Former Minister Prakash Sharan Mahat always looked down on electric vehicles that keep the environment clean. In his speech, the customs revenue was not raised well and the main reason for that was the customs exemption given to electric vehicles. But the question arises, is revenue only everything?

Revenue is dearer than people's health? Therefore, in order to keep the health of the Nepalese people better, if Kathmandu is not to become the number 1 polluted city in the world again, the policy of customs exemption given to electric vehicles should be continued.

As a result of this, Nepal's electricity is also consumed in Nepal and the import of diesel and petrol, which has to be brought by spending foreign currency, also decreases. Although a budget of 17 trillion was brought last year, it had to be reduced to 15 trillion later. It is not advisable to bring a big budget in a recession. Instead, the finance minister will be praised if he can bring a budget to remove the economic recession.
– Gopal Devkota, Gokarneshwar, Kathmandu

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