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The height of immaturity in the Home Minister

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Ravi Lamichhane is not only in the leadership of a party, he is also in charge of the country's Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister. But while speaking on the rostrum of the Parliament on Sunday, he forgot where he was and what position he held at the moment. Lamichhane's speech in Parliament shows that he still has a lot to learn in politics.

Or let's say, they have almost zero political knowledge. Lamichhane does not understand that the easier it is to work in the place of asking questions, the more difficult it is to work in the place of answering. After a long time of preparation, even when he gave a written speech, the speech he prepared was very light and it was not suitable to express it while sitting in the position he was holding. During the

speech, he did not mention anything much other than answering the questions raised about him, rather than making many objections to the leaders of the main opposition party Nepali Congress. He has continued to speak about the accusations against him in the parliamentary committee and in public, which the general public and the cooperative victims themselves are not able to believe.

The Home Minister's speech seems to be trying to deflect the accusations against him by showing the Congress that if they will form an inquiry committee for me, then I will also investigate the allegations against all your leaders. If someone gives some information to Home Minister Lamichhane, there is no need to ask anyone to investigate and take action according to the law.

But while accusing the leaders of the Congress in his speech on Sunday, he felt that, as Gagan Thapa said, the Congress will also take the same policy as the UML agreed not to press for the investigation of the cooperative dispute and the RSVP also agreed not to intervene in the Giribandhu Tea Estate case. That is why he has repeatedly said that if he had been able to speak earlier in the parliament, this dispute would not have reached this point.

But on the contrary, Congress challenged the Home Minister, who is sitting with the law in his hands, saying that he should form an inquiry committee for the allegations against his leaders, but the argument made by the Home Minister has failed.

The leaders of UML are not untouchable in various cases, but in the speech made by Lamichhane, no leader or person of any party other than the Congress was touched. What this also shows is that Lamichhane is trying to change the subject of the accusations against him and it seems that he has come to the side of "let's get all the parties together, let's not dig the accusations against the leaders of any party".
– Sujan Devkota, Palungtar-4, Gorkha

The 45-minute speech given by Ravi Lamichhane, President of RSVP and Home Minister, in the Parliament on Sunday, has brought many waves at once. Congress president Sher Bahadur Deuba termed his speech as political indecency. The ruling party and its supporters say it is welcome.

Gagan Thapa, who is guilty of cheating, has gone on the defensive. During his speech, Lamichhane brought out many cases involving Congress leaders. But he did not clear the scandal involving UML and Maoist leaders. This sends out the message that Lamichhane is doing whatever it takes to please the government.

However, the Nepalese people are blessed to see and hear the scene of the leaders stripping each other. This is the beauty of democracy. Parliament happens, leaders speak freely, common people know. But the character of not allowing the parliament to function, not allowing the parliamentarians of the other party to speak so that they can speak their mind, is not democratic. All parties including Congress should understand this.

In particular, the misappropriation of cooperative savings is subject to legal rather than parliamentary scrutiny. It is not in the interest of the country and the people to block the highest body of the entire people for months because of one person. Therefore, the Congress should give up the stubbornness of obstructing the Parliament. If a parliamentary inquiry committee is to be formed, let's investigate all other scandals at once.
– Gopal Devkota, Chabhil Peoplebot, Kathmandu

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