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Suspicion in Cooperative Fraud Investigation Committee

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Some comments taken from facebook.com/eKantipur on the news regarding the agreement to form a parliamentary committee on co-operative fraud case:

Suspicion in Cooperative Fraud Investigation Committee

Currently, the main problem that has appeared in the country is that of cooperatives. The government of Nepal should formulate a concrete law to solve the cooperative problem. Millions of savers who have saved their hard earned money by trusting cooperatives in the greed of higher interest are now in trouble. They are struggling to live or die without being able to take care of their daily living.

Prime Minister Prachanda himself has been waiting with the belief that he will take the initiative and solve the problems of the cooperatives and return the savings money and play the role of a true parent. They are trying to treat the cooperatives that deal in savings and loans in the country as legitimate fraud organizations. Under the country's three-pillar economic policy, the responsibility of protecting cooperatives among private, government and cooperatives has fallen on the shoulders of the Nepalese government.
- Surendra Maharjan

The government also embezzles funds by sometimes using words like "meterbaj" or "cooperative fraud" to fool the people. The opposition party valiantly shows that they blocked the sovereign parliament of the people.
– Ramnath Dahal goes

but Ravi in ​​jail? No chance, power is yours, power is yours. All are dismissed.
– Kiran Adhikari

Ravi Lamichhane cannot hold office on the basis of ethics after a parliamentary inquiry committee is formed to investigate him.
– Surya Tamang

All the old and new parties meet each other, but they would hide it. Consensus to cover up the co-operative scandals of the new ones, the scandals of the old ones. It is called - You shut up, I shut up. There seems to be a compromise between the political parties and those with vested interests.
– Dhundi Poudel What do you mean by

? Establishing an inquiry committee on co-operative cheating and assigning jurisdiction. Does this mean that big leaders/activists cannot be investigated? Is the law of Nepal only for the people?
- Feroze Rai

It was said that a committee will be formed for issues, not for individuals.
– Ashesh Thapalia

If Ravi has any morals, then I should be investigated after the question has been raised. If the National Independent Party does not accept the inquiry against Ravi, it will prove to be highly immoral.
– Malik Gurung

Currently most of the directors of the troubled cooperative are in jail and all are being investigated. Only 3-4 people have escaped. The case has progressed by catching everyone. Co-operative saver's money is refunded. That was done by Ravi as the Home Minister. And the case is going on in court. Can you form a committee? Congress doesn't have to jump, savers get paid back.
- Suman Rai

What is the bargaining?
– separation unique

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