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Shaking foundations of the economy

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The fact that Nepal's economy has been in a weak state for a long time is not hidden from anyone. Lack of economic development can be attributed to political instability, selfish character of responsible leadership, nepotism, nepotism, extreme corruption, and mismanagement. The news has been released that the major leaders of the seven parties represented in the Federal Parliament have unanimously made a collective commitment to improve the economic situation.

Shaking foundations of the economy

In the 'Kantipur Summit-2024' organized by Kantipur Media Group, the leaders of the ruling and opposition parties have also agreed to create a comfortable investment environment for the private sector and make businessmen confident. Common people do not have faith in such party commitments which have been seen before. Due to the lack of stable government policy, the confidence of entrepreneurs is decreasing.

The policy and program will change as soon as the leadership changes, the National Planning Commission does not stick to the basic policy of development, the private sector is not encouraged, and non-resident Nepalis living abroad are not able to invest easily. On the other hand, the industrial business cannot flourish because it cannot compete with the cheap products of neighboring countries. Since

, the contractors who have completed the work have not been paid, some of them have repeatedly extended the deadline under the guise of the leader without completing the work, and the government has focused on new projects without completing the old projects. Most of the parliamentarians are forcing new programs in their constituencies without needing to and wasting the country's resources, lack of parental responsibility in the overall development of the country and lack of attention of the state in the overall development of the country are further reasons for ruining the economy.

Entrepreneurs have not been encouraged because many products produced by farmers and businessmen do not get local and international markets. Let's add a reference, isn't the Chinese President's recent visit to Europe carrying around 400 entrepreneurs and officials to bring their country's production and construction work to the international market an exemplary reference for us? Until the attention of those in power reaches this issue, our economy will continue to collapse.
– Bhuvneshwar Sharma, Chandragiri-2, Kathmandu

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