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How do I get younger?

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I am working as Dean of Faculty of Education, Tribhuvan University. The Vice-Chancellor Selection and Recommendation Committee of the Tertiary University, formed under the coordination of the Minister of Education, recommended my name as number 1 on February 6, 2080 from the open competition for the Tertiary University.

However, I refute the news headlined 'Two factions within the Maoists on the appointment of Trivi Vice-Chancellor' published in the February 10th issue of Kantipur, which has the will to discredit the committee and tarnish my character.

Even though I am the most senior professor in the Faculty of Education, I also object to the mention in the news that the junior was made the dean three years ago and that I cannot be made the vice-chancellor because I am a junior.

My wife Dhankumari Thapa, an associate professor teaching at Padmakanya Multipurpose Campus, and Education Minister Ashok Rai have not met even once. However, it is not true that it is mentioned that the minister had influence to get more numbers in the interview because they worked together in CPN Male 20 years ago.

It is written that the committee gave 18 out of 20 numbers in the presentation to recommend the confidential documents as seen by themselves while the number of applicants was not disclosed, which is wrong.

There is a provision in the Tertiary Act that all the Deans of the Tertiary Institutes and Faculties are ex-officio members of the Tertiary Academic Council. However, it is said that I was removed from the post of member of the council due to the mischief which negatively affected my appointment process, which is also untrue.
– Chitra Bahadur Budhathoki, Baglung, present: Trivi Kathmandu

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सहकारी ठग्नेलाई कारबाहीको दबाब दिन प्रमुख विपक्षी दल कांग्रेसले गरेको सडक आन्दोलन घोषणालाई कसरी लिनुभएको छ ?