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Civility of MP

पाठक पत्र

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Nowadays, the parliamentarians are trying to assassinate each other's character and make themselves look good. MP Gyanendra Shahi demanded the government to take action against Minister Prakash Jwala, who was found guilty of child murder.

In that matter, there was an accusation/counter-accusation with the Maoist MP Madhav Sapkota. Minister Sudan Kirati and MP Ramhari Khatiwada blamed each other at the lower level.

Khatiwada made the comments of Minister Kirati while raising the issue of the aircraft procurement process and the appointment of Lharkyal Lama, who kept gun bullets in the locker, as the vice president of the Lumbini Area Development Fund.

Minister Kirati then accused MP Khatiwada of stealing an expensive watch. Such accusations and counter-accusations of ministers and MPs are very indecent. Anyone in a specific position should be decent and responsible.
– Bhagwan Pudasaini, Jorpati, Kathmandu

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