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Time to stop the disaster

पाठक पत्र

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Daily newspapers, online, radio and television, and social media have been reporting on corruption. There was corruption during the Panchayat period. Democracy came after 2046 years. In addition to protecting the fundamental rights of the people, freedom of the press was written openly in the constitution itself.

There is no question about raising the voice of the people, but the disease of corruption has started to plague. It was thought that the Nepali people should no longer be deprived of grass, housing, cotton, education, health and employment opportunities. But after the formation of the democratic government, the leaders started to forget the villages and their problems.

There is a trend of those in power enjoying political corruption, big businessmen and industrialists confusing the people and colluding with the government to kill the people in elections, looting public property and land because they are in power with middlemen.

Even 30 percent of the allocated development budget cannot be spent but is invested in maintenance and unproductive areas. If there is a tender for development work somewhere, the setting is arranged for them in a secret sealed seal letter. The condition of government agencies is worse.

In the same way, dairy development institute, Nepal Dairy Industry, Nepal Dairy Association and sugar industry have also forced the farmers to pour milk on the streets and stop sugarcane cultivation. The series of murders is increasing day by day. Public confidence in the government has decreased. There is also a situation where government employees have to pay salaries and allowances.

Even foreign investors have become discouraged. Disappointment has increased among true industrialists and traders, farmers and honest national service employees in the country. Both government agencies and civil society need to come together to solve all these problems. Anti-corruption laws and institutions should be strengthened.

Everyone should be pressured to be transparent and accountable. Honesty should be encouraged. The assets of the leaders and other people who have been in power since the advent of democracy should be investigated by forming an impartial commission.
– Khimraj Giri, Kathmandu

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