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Before the election, Congress will not form an alliance with any party

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After General Minister Gagan Thapa did not accept his proposal, Chairman Sher Bahadur Deuba and Deputy Chairman Purna Bahadur Khadka suddenly went to Baluwatar to meet Prime Minister and Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda. He assured Prachanda that no matter what decision the party's general committee meeting takes, it will not affect the coalition government.

After Prachanda agreed, they again came to the meeting and supported Thapa's proposal. This incident has raised a big question about the decision-making ability of Congress and Deuba. And, it is felt that Deuba has put the Congress at Prachanda's feet. Does the Congress have to ask Prachanda before whatever decision is made?

Prachanda's consent must be taken? What would Deuba have done if Prachanda had warned him that he should not accept Thapa's proposal and that he would agree with UML? At the same time, Deuba and Congress are being accused of shadowing the alliance, moreover, Deuba's image has worsened when he reached Baluwatar and consulted with Prachanda during the meeting.

Right now, Deuba is not worried about his reputation or that of the Congress. He is only worried about how he can become the prime minister for the sixth time, which has greatly reduced Deuba's image and reputation. Deuba's height has decreased significantly due to attachment to the post. The situation where the president of the 89-seat party is afraid of the 32-seat party in the hope of becoming the prime minister and has to take advice even when making any decision is not a matter of merit.

General Minister Thapa and Vishwaprakash Sharma have alleged that the popular vote of the Congress has decreased by 7 percent due to the alliance. Now Congress vote bank cannot increase from Deuba. If Congress is to be saved, energetic leaders like Thapa and Sharma should be given leadership. Thapa's proposal of contesting the election without an alliance should not concern the Congress, but the Maoists and Socialists.

because if there is no alliance, the existence of both parties will be in crisis. In 2084, all the parties contested the elections alone, there is a strong possibility that the Congress will be the first, the UML will be the second and the National Independent Party will be the third.
– Gopal Devkota, Jorpati, Kathmandu

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