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The inevitability of a free citizen

In today's world, there are two choices: to be a free-thinking citizen or to be a subjugated person. To emerge from the nightmare of the alternative-truth era, it is important to understand not only what the free mind thinks, but how it thinks.
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Aristotle said many years ago – “A good constitutional system requires good citizens.” That is, citizens who question authority. On the contrary, there has been a misleading transmission of misleading and pseudo-intellectual applications for centuries. For example, Britain is the mother of parliament, America is the best constitution and powerful democracy, India is a great democracy and world guru, etc. Why is this misleading propaganda of politics?

The inevitability of a free citizen

Why do alternative-truths, racist liberalism, Hitler and Churchill keep repeating themselves? What is the content or intention of these expressions? These questions may be relevant for discussion between free citizens and serious thinkers.

Except for a few free-thinking exceptions, most people think that some great man will come to solve the existing political problems. When such individual thought becomes collective, it creates a political tradition, has done. Whether the country is developing or developed. In such a tradition, people believe in the life-story of the so-called great man-leader of their country. Heroes of political fiction become dreams or remain in memory. For example - Roosevelt and Kennedy in America, Churchill and Thatcher in Britain, Olof Palme in Sweden, Gandhi and Nehru in India, Mahendra, BP and Pushpalal in Nepal.

Narrow political commentators emotionally reinvent or re-invent the memory-leader. For example, during the American invasion of Iraq, Saddam was called Hitler. Currently Volodymyr Zelensky is being called Winston Churchill. The narrative of Israeli atrocities in Gaza as 'self-defense' and the Russia-Ukraine war as a 'war of democracy' against dictatorship is being broadcast. During such discussions, people become addicted to the reinvention narrative of memory. It is not known that the leaders have taken advantage of the people. That is, the people fall into a kind of panic, confusion or hibernation, difficult to wake up. Eventually, the political dream becomes a nightmare. Politics should have been a promoter of peace but has itself become an instrument of war.

In America, after the Watergate scandal and the Vietnam War, Jimmy Carter came to power with the slogan "I will never lie, never make misleading statements, never betray your trust, never ignore a controversial issue." Carter loses re-election to a second term. Carter, the only American president to make a long-term 'Middle East peace' treaty, is criticized today as anti-Semitic. Carter's veracity becomes irrelevant during the Reagan and Thatcher eras. Clinton, Bush and Obama continue the American Empire. Was America ever great or not? Trump comes to power to make America great again. Post-Truth Time (Uttar-Satya Yuga) begins. 'Feelings and personal beliefs' are more effective than 'objective facts' in forming public opinion.

Currently Biden's America is being challenged by Putin in Ukraine. America is being morally defeated in Gaza by Israel (not only people are dying in Gaza and Ukraine, international law and order are dying). History will be rewritten after Modi is incarnated in India. Altogether an alternative-Satya Yuga is going on (here, I am not adding references to the Satya Yuga of Hindu scriptures). Self-centered thinking, imitative tendencies, bigotry, peer-pressure, hero worship, prejudice and emotional dependence etc. have led to lack of critical thinking and enlightened civil free-discussion all over the world. Many politicians have forgotten the civil language.

The misguided propaganda of constitutions and politics

In 1865, John Bright used the phrase 'The Mother of Parliaments' in a speech in Birmingham. It was also a pseudo-application. The British Parliament is neither the mother of parliaments nor a democratic system worth adopting. Because in Britain to this day citizens are basically not equal. The British are foolishly proud of such inequality. For example, the British House of Lords has some hereditary 'peers'. Compared to other Western European countries, the British parliament does not have proportional representation and is often governed by a minority government. Apart from British imperial guilt, there is not much ideological difference between the current British Conservative and Labor parties.

Some Indians and Nepalis educated in Britain have been propagating the colonial narrative that 'British Parliament is the mother of all Parliaments'. Those who oppose the imposition of republic in Nepal by India are now asking for India's help in declaring Nepal a Hindu dominion. The 'mural' of the South Asian subcontinent named as 'Akhand Bharat' in India's new parliament building does not seem to worry the Hindus of the sovereign territory of Nepal. 'Akhand Bharat Mural' is a fake history of Modi's alternative-satya era.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the American electoral system is based on racism. Americans vote in a presidential election every four years, but not all votes count equally. The candidate who won the most popular votes may not be elected. This system is set up deliberately. This is called the 'Electoral College' system. Five times in the past (in 1824, 1876, 1888, 2000, 2016) the candidate who won the popular vote lost. A total of 50 states of the United States elect 538 representatives to elect the President through the Electoral College.

A majority of 270 electoral votes is required to be elected president. Two centuries ago, the southern states of America (Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia) were designed to empower white voters. "American Elections Are Racial" (Justice Antonin Scalia). There is not much ideological difference in the two party system in America. Both Republicans and Democrats are known for fighting wars. In essence, like the UK, the US has a one-party system.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi quoted the Mahabharata and the Vedas and said that 'India is the mother of democracy' and 'the world guru of democracy'. During Modi's 'Amritkal', 'Electoral Bonds' (Electoral Bonds) were issued by the State Bank of India. The Indian Supreme Court has declared the election bonds as secret donations to political parties unconstitutional. The details of the election bond buying companies are said to be political scams, corruption and looting unprecedented in the history of India (BJP is the biggest beneficiary with Rs 8,251.8 crores out of the Rs 16,518 crore sold). The Supreme Court of India has defined federalism, secularism, fundamental rights and democracy as 'basic structures'. But India is neither a true federal state nor a full democracy. The central government has repeatedly dissolved the elected state government. India is in danger of becoming a one party system under the leadership of the BJP.

A political multiparty system is essential for democracy. In countries where parties are not financed by the state, the political system is controlled by the business class. In a country like Nepal, not only economic corruption, but the ideological corruption of mainstream political parties is encouraging indifference, cynicism, cruelty and economic corruption. The most dangerous situation is that the democracy of Nepal and elsewhere is in serious crisis with alternative-truth, fabricated news propaganda using social media and artificial intelligence.

Alternative – Satya Yuga

According to the World Economic Forum's 2024 Global Risk Report, India ranks number one in the highest risk of misinformation. Of all the risks of infectious diseases, illegal economic activities, unequal wealth, income and labor shortages, experts have selected misinformation as the number one risk. Another risk - "Politicians of the world have always lied, they continue to lie." Unfortunately, many politicians today seem to reject the concept of objective truth,” (Barack Obama's Statement on Nelson Mandela's 100th Birthday, 2018).

Very few media outlets in the world dare to broadcast independent news during wartime. When someone or the government 'exposes what it wants to hide, it is news, everything else is advertising' (James Bevan). Independent press or journalists reveal the truth through newspapers, radio, blogs etc. Fact-checking is an important function of a free press. The best investigative journalists know what questions to ask, what to follow up on, and how to fact-check. If the press is not able to fact-check safely and effectively, the truth will be buried, it is happening. Compared to the current state of Western media self-censorship or war, Nepal has a high level of freedom of speech and publication, but factual press reporting is weak.

racist liberal Makhundo

is a philosophy of liberalism based on individual freedom, private property rights and equality before the law. There is a difference between Euro-American conservative thought-based liberalism and European-socialist-based liberalism. Winston Churchill's words on this matter are worth pondering. He says – 'Socialism will kill enterprise, liberalism will privilege enterprise. Socialism attacks the primacy of the individual, liberalism seeks to create minimum standards for the masses.

Socialism exalts government, liberalism exalts people. Socialism attacks capitalism, liberalism attacks monopoly. Churchill's liberal capitalist ideas could not guarantee social freedom and happiness. Fake liberalism has made the foundation of democratic government highly questionable. Globally, people's trust in government is declining.

It is said that 'racism is a central feature of international politics'. In the name of liberalism, nationalism is also seen to be associated with racism, caste supremacy, militarism and religious fanaticism. In 1945, George Orwell said that Palestine was a genocide case. The Western world is allowing the Israeli invasion of Gaza to continue because of racism. The pseudo-liberal-imperialist power knows how to exploit the weak. Liberalism or neoliberalism, whatever it may be, is the makhundo of Western racism. The liberalism that has been heralded as the global triumph was historically a racial liberalism, denying the equal personhood of white and black people. To dismantle the structure of caste privilege, the liberal makhundo of casteism must be removed.

Hitler and Churchill's Repeated Restatement

George W. Bush invoked the spirit of Winston Churchill when he declared war on Iraq in 2003 from the White House. Some South Asian intellectuals have made their presence felt in the Anglo-Saxon world as to why Hitler and Churchill are repeatedly reinstated. Among them is Farid Zakaria, an Indian-American journalist/author. Zechariah is a true disciple of Samuel Huntington and an admirer of the American Empire. Zechariah describes the United States as a 'benign empire'. Regarding the Israeli attack on Gaza, he says - "Biden needs to tell Israel some hard truths." But Zakaria does not expose American hegemony and injustice.

Indian politician Shashi Tharoor claims that 'Winston Churchill has as much blood on his hands as a genocidal dictator' (Inglourious Empire, 2018). As a result of the constant war attitude of the western countries, the 'Churchill Creed' has also been selected. Tariq Ali, a leading Marxist and Trotskyist on the international left, has argued that Churchill was a war criminal, evil imperialist, mass murderer and pro-fascist (Winston Churchill: His Times, His Crimes, 2022), calling for a serious debate about the 'Churchill cult'. Ali is a Pakistani-born British political activist, author, journalist, historian, filmmaker and public intellectual. Currently, he has become the target of British criticism. At the height of the Vietnam War, Ali gained national fame by debating Henry Kissinger and then-British Foreign Secretary Michael Stewart. Bertrand Russell and Jean-Paul Sartre established the US War Crimes Tribunal against the atrocities of the Vietnam War. Ali was sent to North Vietnam to gather facts.

Salman Rushdie says about war and peace – 'Mahabharata and Ramayana tell us that peace comes at the price of blood. And Panchatantra tells us that peace is achieved only through betrayal. The film Oppenheimer reminds us that peace came only after the two atomic bombs, Little Boy and Fat Man, were dropped on the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He says – “The good guys don't always win” (2023). Rushdie is a British novelist of Indian origin. Storm-BREAK 'Mishras Malings of the Roins of the Roins of Empire' (FI 2013) and 'Edge of Engoration' (2013) and 'Edge of Engra' and 'Edge of Angar' (BRAZA) and 'Edge of Angr' and 'Edge of Angar'. A powerful man can create genocide religion. It is not difficult to imagine the victorious conclusion of Israeli attacks. Perhaps, the passage of Palestinian will reduce the feelings of loneliness and show the way to Shoah's memory in the direction of liberating the remembrance of Shohala (Shohai Eternity The Gaza, 2024). That is, Gaza will help forget 'Shhah'. 'Shoah' is the word, which means 'adversity'. In particular, Nazi Germany and its associate refers to the murder of about six million Jews in Europe. Steziah has two issues to become free to think free people in the current world or to become a professional person in the world. It is important to understand how it is not just the independent mind to get out of the nightmare of alternative age. Pseudo-related managing, such as the best parliamentary mniversary, the excellent democracy, large relations and global democracy and world teacher, there should not be accepted without discipline. You have to be critical challenge. We need to think about how the title is presented more than what news is. The ability to distinguish between fake and factor news is necessary more than ever. It is a man who is free to think free and speaks the truth. Citizen requires the independent thoughts and attitude of the citizens to make the just world.

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