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A modest increase in the defense budget

The Nuwakot prison under construction with a capacity of 1,370 prisoners will be put into operation
A study will be conducted to revise the retirement age of security personnel
1.5 billion for the program from bunker to barracks

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The government has allocated 2 trillion 59 billion 11 crore rupees for the security sector in 2081/82. Which is 6 billion 11 million more than the current year. 1 trillion 99 billion 24 billion has been allocated for the Ministry of Home Affairs and 59 billion 87 billion for the Ministry of Defense for national security, peace security and crime control.

A modest increase in the defense budget

Finance Minister Barshman Pun mentioned that the security of the people will be guaranteed by maintaining peace and security in the country and said that Nepal Police, Armed Police Force and National Investigation Department will be institutionalized and made efficient and professional. "A study will be conducted to review the retirement age of security personnel," Pun said.

Similarly, according to Finance Minister Pun, the immigration system will be digitized and made state-of-the-art. It is said that a system to apply for e-visa through online will be implemented and the prison will be developed as a reformatory. According to the concept of open prison, prisoners will be associated with micro, domestic and small enterprises. "Probation and parole system will be implemented to reduce the pressure of prisoners," Finance Minister Pun said in the budget speech, "Nuwakot prison under construction with a capacity of 1,370 prisoners will be put into operation.

Finance Minister Pun mentioned in the budget that the integrated central records related to seizure, control and confiscation of criminal assets will be updated and proper management of criminal assets and instruments will be done. In addition, he said that the international border security system will be strengthened and effective and a program will be conducted to increase the participation and adoption of local citizens in border security. He said that the work related to disaster management will be carried forward with priority and the program related to citizen participation in disaster will be conducted by enhancing the capacity of citizens in the field of disaster rescue and relief.

Similarly, towards national security, the country's sovereignty, independence, geographical integrity, nationalism and independence will be protected to keep the national unity intact and the national security policy will be implemented effectively. The Nepali Army will be made technological, efficient and professional. I have allocated 1.5 billion for the program from bunker to barracks. National Service Team training will be extended to the local level," said Minister Pun.

6 billion 77 million allocation for foreign affairs

The government has allocated a budget of 6.77 billion to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to Finance Minister Pun, Nepal's presence in international, multilateral and regional forums will be strengthened. He mentioned that citizens who are in dangerous situations in different countries will be rescued and protected.

Nepal's independence, sovereignty, geographical integrity, independence, national security and unity and promoting the interests of Nepali people, Pun said that free and balanced international relations based on universal equality, mutual benefits and respect will be established. Similarly, Pun said that economic diplomacy will be made effective and result-oriented to mobilize foreign investment, trade, tourism promotion and development assistance.

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