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The government is committed to complete the rest of the work related to transitional justice: Prime Minister


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Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that the government is committed to bring the peace process to a logical conclusion as soon as possible and complete the rest of the work related to transitional justice.

The government is committed to complete the rest of the work related to transitional justice: Prime Minister

On the occasion of the Republic Day, in a special ceremony organized today at Sainik Manch Tundikhel, he said that most of the tasks of conflict management and peace establishment have been completed in order to address the meaning and spirit of the Constitution.

'As reflected in the constitution, we have completed most of the tasks of conflict management and peace establishment', Prime Minister Dahal said, 'The government is determined to bring the peace process to a logical conclusion as soon as possible and complete the rest of the work of transitional justice as soon as possible.' He mentioned that Nepal's practice in conflict management and peace establishment has been established as a new example to the world.

Prime Minister Dahal informed that arrangements have been made for the distribution of living allowances to the injured and disabled people of armed conflict and people's movement, compensation, treatment, employment, self-employment opportunities, financial assistance, rehabilitation and compensation for conflict-affected families.

Noting that the fact that the federal democratic republic is the basic political system of Nepal with the basic principles and norms of democracy established globally and the characteristics of Nepali society is being established, Prime Minister Dahal said that the elections held in a fair, free, peaceful and fearless environment at all three levels in accordance with the constitution will establish the federal government in the country. He clarified that the system has been strengthened. He said that the three levels of governments formed through periodic elections are active for the welfare and development of citizens.

"The government is committed to fulfilling the national aspirations of a prosperous Nepal, a happy Nepali with political stability, good governance, development and social justice for socialist-oriented economic and social transformation in the country in accordance with national needs and people's wishes", the Prime Minister said, "For the happiness and development of the Nepalese people, the Federal Democratic Republic In order to strengthen the existing economic laxity, impunity and commercial despair, the government is working to instill hope and trust in the people.'

Stating that the government has moved forward with a clear roadmap for institutionalizing good governance, speeding up development and service delivery so that people can feel it, he emphasized the implementation of the constitution, strengthening federalism, reforming and revitalizing the economy, promoting good governance, improving and simplifying public service delivery, citizen-friendly governance. Establishment and corruption control are the main priorities of the government.

"As a result of the epochal change in the country, the classes and communities that have been oppressed for ages are now at the leadership level in various bodies of the state with rights and respect", Prime Minister Dahal said, "There are six thousand and seven hundred communities across the country who are beyond imagination and have to endure it even while standing in the courtyard. 43 Wards and other bodies of various levels of the state are playing a decisive role. Women who have received the likeness of half of the sky but are limited to Chulochowko are leading as heads or deputy heads of 753 local levels.'

Mentioning that not only the public sector, but also the participation of one-third of women in all political parties, social organizations, and every level of organization has been ensured, the Prime Minister said that the constitutional commissions established for the mainstreaming of the deprived classes and the protection of the rights of the target groups are active. He said that these social, cultural, economic discrimination and deprivation prevalent in Nepali society. In conclusion, he said that today will be remembered as a successful day to lay the foundation of prosperity.

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