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Arresting Kailash Sirohia is wrong: General Secretary Agnes Kalamar


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Amnesty International Secretary General Agnes Kalamar has said that it is not necessary to arrest Kailash Sirohia, president of Kantipur Media Group, in the case of citizenship.

Arresting Kailash Sirohia is wrong: General Secretary Agnes Kalamar

She said this during a dialogue held by senior journalist Dilbhushan Pathak with Secretary General Kalamar on the theme of 'Contemporary challenges and future directions of human rights'. Stating that it was wrong to arrest President Sirohia, she said, 'It seems that there is an attempt to put pressure on the media.' "There is an attack on the right to information and independent investigative reporting," she said, stating that the right to protest is important She emphasized that it will not happen. "If laws and regulations against media and freedom of expression are being made and practiced in the neighboring countries, it is likely to have an impact on your country as well," General Secretary Kalamar added further, "all these have a serious impact on the society."

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