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Arresting Sirohia is reprehensible: Former Prime Minister of Nepal

What kind of country is this? Is clean media a punishment for running good media? Did this happen out of a sense of revenge?'

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Chairman of ruling party CPN United Socialist Party and former Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal has said that the arrest of Kailash Sirohia, chairman of Kantipur Media Group, is reprehensible.

Arresting Sirohia is reprehensible: Former Prime Minister of Nepal

I am surprised to hear that President Sirohia has been arrested. And there is also sorrow," Nepal said while talking to the media persons in Saptari's Rajviraj on Wednesday, "What kind of country has this become? Is clean media a punishment for running good media? Did it happen out of a sense of revenge?'

President Nepal said everyone knows that Kailash Sirohia is a resident of Janakpur. Everyone knows that Kailash Sirohia is from Janakpur. This is where the entire family resides. Arresting Kailash Sirohia on the basis of whether he is a citizen of Nepal or not is highly reprehensible,' he said.

He said that there is no legal system that says that a person must be arrested to understand something. Even if something needs to be understood, it does not mean that a person needs to be arrested. It is a serious crime and if the evidence is destroyed if not arrested, he will be arrested," he said, "but the manner in which he has been arrested while he himself is saying that he will assist in the investigation, it is scandalous . Our party condemns it.'

The president of Kantipur Media Group, Sirohia, was arrested from the office on Tuesday on the pretext that the citizenship number given by the district administration matched that of another person.

The police team went to the office on the eighth floor of the Kantipur office to arrest President Sirohia while he was at work trampling the democratic practice of not allowing security agencies of the state to enter the office of the independent press. A team including SSP Sanukumar Bhattarai and SP Ravindra Regmi of the Valley Crime Investigation Office Kathmandu entered the working room with police officers including Bardi.

On Tuesday in Kantipur, Gorkha Media published news under the title of embezzlement of 958.1 million rupees by four cooperatives, during the period when Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane was the managing director of the company, 803.1 million rupees were received from cooperatives in Gorkha Media. A large number of police were mobilized in the Kantipur office complex and Thapathali road from early morning.

Sirohia was taken away by Bardidhari police in the presence of journalists federation, media society, lawyers, civil leaders, parliamentarians, various media publishers and journalists at the Kantipur office complex.

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