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Preparation to bring the budget through the ordinance after the end of the parliament session

Congress's objection to the Prime Minister's and Home Minister's statements, the possibility of an immediate agreement on the jurisdiction of the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee is unlikely

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As the distance between the government and the main opposition grows, the possibility of an immediate agreement on the jurisdiction of the parliamentary inquiry committee is less likely. If no agreement is reached, it will affect the functioning of the parliament, so the government is discussing the dissolution of the parliament and bringing the budget through an ordinance.

Preparation to bring the budget through the ordinance after the end of the parliament session

According to a source close to the Prime Minister, the possibility of agreeing on the jurisdiction of the committee is unlikely, so the discussion on alternatives has been started. "We are looking forward to May 10/11, if there is no possibility of an agreement and if the main opposition does not facilitate the parliament to bring the budget, then the government will end the parliament and bring the budget through an ordinance," Baluwatar source said. Maoist's chief whip Hitraj Pandey also said that even though the government is in favor of bringing the budget through the parliament, the road to bringing the budget will not be stopped on May 15.

According to another Maoist leader, if the Congress is not flexible to form a parliamentary inquiry committee on the misappropriation of savings of cooperatives, it is ready to pass policies and programs amid sloganeering and bring budget through an ordinance. "After getting the vote of confidence, it has been confirmed that there is a comfortable majority," said the leader, "Now the Prime Minister's main focus is on bringing the budget." On 23 Baisakh, Jaspa broke away from Nepal and Jaspa was formed under the chairmanship of Ashok Rai. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court is hearing a writ filed by Jaspa Nepal President Upendra Yadav against it.

The then government led by Sher Bahadur Deuba, the ordinance brought by the central committee and parliamentary party to divide the party into one of the 20 percent members was automatically inactive and when there was no work to revive the old law, Jaspa Nepal was divided based on the regulations on political parties. The court ruled in favor of Yadav and the government is preparing to bring an ordinance to divide the party again. As a result, the government has already withdrawn the amendment bill on political parties which reached the parliament secretariat on May 4.

This was the reason behind the Prime Minister's hasty vote of confidence on Monday. "If the court does not recognize the division of the party, the obstruction of the Congress is going to be the main excuse for the government to end the parliament," said a Congress official, "The main reason is the fear that the government will be at the top if the court gives an adverse decision on the division of JSP Nepal after taking a vote of confidence by imposing a marshal."

Prime Minister Dahal on Monday and Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane's aggressive statements from Parliament on Sunday increased the power distance with Congress. Congress termed Lamichhane's remarks targeting his leaders as "violent" while answering the questions raised on him. The meeting of the parliamentary party has given an indication that the congress, irritated by his expression, will not be flexible about the jurisdiction of the parliamentary inquiry committee.

The government is ready to strangle the constitution and parliamentary values ​​to protect some thugs. Instead, it is our common conclusion that they can end the session of Parliament but they will not leave Ravi Lamichhane unsaved," said Congress Parliamentary Party's chief whip Ramesh Akhtar, "Congress has become serious about the statements of the Prime Minister and Home Minister and it has increased the distance with the opposition."

Congress has said that it will no longer bow down to power and will not back down from its stand on the cooperative issue. Congress Co-General Minister and member of the working group to decide the jurisdiction of the committee, Jeevan Pariyar, accused the ruling party of not presenting itself in a responsible manner to agree on the cooperative fraud case. "Even the Home Minister's expression seems to be trying to increase the distance rather than consensus," he said.

Prime Minister Dahal, who has taken the initiative for a middle way solution for two days, has also said that after taking the vote of confidence, the Congress should be responsible for the agreement. On Monday, Dahal said that the Congress has spoiled the atmosphere of consensus with the leaders close to him in Baluwatar.

Law Minister and Working Group Coordinator Padam Giri said that a meeting was called on Tuesday morning to reach an agreement on jurisdiction. If the Congress is a little flexible, there is a situation where there will be an agreement. However, with the latest developments, it is not possible to say how the Congress will present itself," said Giri. "It seems impossible to agree on the jurisdiction by specifying the names of individuals and companies."

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