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The investigation committee is still undecided


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The meeting of the working group held on Sunday to determine the jurisdiction of the parliamentary investigation committee in the case of misappropriation of cooperative savings has ended without reaching an agreement. Since the working group could not decide the jurisdiction, the formation of the committee has also become uncertain.

The investigation committee is still undecided

The meeting became inconclusive as there was no agreement on whether or not to keep the names of Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane and three cooperatives under the jurisdiction of the committee. The Congress has maintained the stand that the Home Minister Lamichhane is involved in misappropriation of cooperative savings, and the evidence shows that he and the private company that embezzled the savings should also be investigated. The ruling party is of the position that jurisdiction should not be created by focusing on individuals and companies so that there is a guilty agreement before the investigation.

A Congress leader said that compared to the three-point separate proposal put forward by the Congress and RSVP last Thursday, Sunday's proposal pushed the agreement even further. According to him, the ruling party had presented a draft of jurisdiction to "investigate the cooperatives that have raised public questions such as Suryadarshan, Supreme, Sano Paila, Image and make necessary suggestions to ensure the safety of savers' savings and solve the problems of the entire cooperative sector in an immediate and long-term manner." On Thursday, the three-point resolution of the RASWPA mentioned that 'suggestions and recommendations regarding legal action will be taken after studying the individuals, organizations and companies that take unfair advantage'.

After the new proposal from the ruling party, the Congress has also put forward a four-point proposal. The first number is about solving the crisis in the cooperative and the second is about protecting the savings of the cooperative's savers and returning the savings of those who have drowned. In the third, the topic of investigating the savings security and return process of all distressed cooperatives, mentioning the names of 17 cooperatives, including Shiv Shikhar, Tulsi, our new agriculture, Orentel cooperative.

In the fourth, 'Suryadarshan, Supreme, Swarnalakshmi, Sahara, our new agriculture, Samana, Sano Paila and other co-operatives including Gorkha Media Network Pvt. It is mentioned that it should be included in the jurisdiction to investigate the truth regarding the act of taking benefit. Member of the working group and joint general minister of the Congress, Jeevan Pariyar said that the proposal of the ruling party is only to study the policy and legal issues of the cooperative as a whole, so it cannot be agreed upon. According to Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Padam Giri, who is also the coordinator of the working group, the government is not in favor of naming individuals and companies.

RSVP MP and member of the working group, Shishir Khanal, said that when the Congress tried to create a comment that the entire cooperative was in crisis because of one person, it was difficult to get consensus. "When the committee is being formed, tomorrow the committee will find out the facts, who will be found guilty, that is the matter. Our conclusion is that no person should be found guilty right now," he said.

On Saturday, the ruling coalition and the main opposition Congress agreed to form a parliamentary committee to investigate the misappropriation of cooperative savings. However, the task of finalizing the committee's jurisdiction was given to the working group. The task force chaired by Law Minister Giri has Congress joint general minister Periyar, UML chief whip Mahesh Bertaula and RSVP MP Khanal as members.

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