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Walking from Saptari to Maitighar to save the broken pieces

A team of 22 people on foot to Kathmandu with Chure and forest protection campaign
The demands include stopping the destruction of forests, making fire control plans and stopping the illegal crusher industry operating in the rivers of Chure area.

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55-year-old Shantidevi Yadav of Janakpur-19 Pulchowk in Dhanusha was having tea breakfast at Aamptari Chowk in Chitwan Narayangadh on Friday morning. She left home 19 days ago and reached Narayangadh on Thursday. On May 16, a team of 22 people including him started a walk to Kathmandu from Saptari Bhardah with Chure and forest conservation campaign. The team, which is walking at the rate of 35/40 km per day, walked from Narayangadh on Friday.

Walking from Saptari to Maitighar to save the broken pieces

Chapakal has started to dry up after rain has started in Shantidevi's house for the past seven years. It does not rain well in winter, nor in May-May. She says that the water crisis has increased due to the destruction of forests. That is why she also joined the campaign started for the protection of drinking water sources. 58-year-old Nanda Mukhia of Janakpur, who is in the team, feels that there is nothing to do without shaking the government to solve such problems. He is worried that there will be a bigger problem for his offspring than his own health problem. To prevent that from happening, he has set out on a walk with his medicine bag. Wells, ponds, ponds all started drying up. Life started to become difficult,' he said while opening the medicine box that he used to take regularly in the morning. Sunil Yadav is the coordinator of the walk organized by

Chure and Forest Protection Campaign. He says that the problem of drinking water and irrigation sources in the Terai region is related to the destruction of Chure region. Sunil from Simraungadh Municipality-2 Mahuahi in Bara used to work at a motorcycle workshop in Kalaiya till eight years ago. At that time, he used to read news and articles in newspapers about binas, its effects and how to avoid it. Not only by reading them, but I also studied and understood what was after. It is known that the Madhes area will be in trouble if Chure and the forest are not saved. After that, I am running a campaign to protect Chure," he said.

He believes that the government's readiness to stop forest destruction in Madhes is low. "Especially in Madhes province, there is no appropriate policy and rules for the transfer process in the forest area. Based on political access, the same person seems to stay in the same place for years. But it is not protected. When forest is encroached, it cannot be removed,' he said, 'The intention is not to catch the corrupt and deforesters, but to help them.' That is why they went on a walk with a memorandum with a 12-point improvement plan.

They demand immediate transfer of the staff who have been in the forest sector for more than two years. They also say that concrete steps should be taken to stop illegal crusher trade and gravel sand exploitation in the rivers of Chure area. They have also demanded that Madhes be declared a dry area and a fire control plan be made and Dilip Mahato, also known as Omprakash, be declared the first protection martyr.

Sunil is going to walk to Kathmandu for the second time in a year. In May last year, he had walked from Bhardah to Kathmandu and then again from Bhardah to Birgunj regarding the issue of pollution in the Sirsia river flowing through Birgunj. At that time, the Minister of Home Affairs and Minister of Industry also promised to take initiatives to solve the problem. But he says that no results have been seen so far. This time, they have also raised the issue of Sirsia River in the 12-point demand.

Sunil says that there is no coordination between government agencies in forest protection. He said that although the forest office rejected the land used by a cement industry in Siraha, the land office did not recognize it. There are many issues of such irregularities, all of them should be properly investigated. Water is what people need, let's save trees for water, let's save trees. If this happens, not only the Madhes but the country will be saved," said Sunil. Of the 22 participants in the

walk, 13 are women. Sunil said that he will end the walk at Maitighar in Kathmandu and submit a memorandum to the central office of the main party along with a sit-in for one hour a day. It doesn't seem like the government will listen immediately. But we are not going to give up either. It is something that we have asked the government to be good for the society and the country," said Shantidevi while on the way to Kathmandu. They are expected to reach Kathmandu within the next four days.

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