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Oli said that 51 bigha is the name of the UML government

The Cabinet meeting held on 13th Baisakh of the Oli government had decided to 'give permission for land lease or transfer of Giribandhu tea plantation'. But after Advocate Omprakash Aryal filed a writ in the Supreme Court, an interim order was issued.

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UML president KP Sharma Oli has become aggressive towards the Supreme Court and the opposition Congress after the then government's decision to allow the land exchange of Giribandhu tea plantation in Birtamod, Jhapa was annulled. The decision taken by the Oli-led cabinet in May 2078 has been rejected by the Constitutional Bench of the Supreme Court as 'completely unfair, immature and conditional', while the opposition Congress leaders have demanded an investigation.

Oli said that 51 bigha is the name of the UML government

Addressing the meeting of the UML parliamentary party on Wednesday, President Oli claimed that the Congress had sold 70 bighas of Giribandhu's land for a commission of 51 bighas once and 19 bighas the other time. Congress should take care when commenting on UML, which is about Giribandhu T-State, Nepali Congress once sold 51 bigha, another time 19 bigha in the name of speculation. After the same T-Estate, the court said to proceed with such works only by making rules and laws, so we have made laws according to the court's order,' Oli said, 'Now Congress will not keep talking nonsense and we will not keep silent and listen. We raise the issue of bullying by the Congress.'

Judge Ishwar Prasad Khatiwada, who wrote the full text of the constitutional bench that overturned the government's decision, told Ukalo.com while giving an interview , 'If Giribandhu is an elephant, then Lalita Niwas Chhawa is his comment,' Oli said. We respect the honorable court. Sometimes we have spent our life in prison by following the court's decision, sometimes we have faced various lawsuits due to unjust verdict, sometimes we have resigned from the government, but still we have respected the court. I request, whether sitting on the bench of justice or doing any other work, a judge after retiring said that Baluwatar (Lalita Niwas) is a chava ho there (Giribandhu) is an elephant. Where was the husband when he sold two elephants?

permission to transfer land to Micher Giribandhu since Giribandhu was granted exemption from limitation by the government decision of 2029 based on the Land Act 2021. However, it has been confirmed that the plan for embezzlement of 51 ropani land mentioned by Oli was done in 2052 during the government of UML itself. Similarly, the exchange of 19 ropani land is seen from the court documents in 2033 (Panchyat period).

On July 7, 2020, Krishnakumar Giri, Premkumar Giri and Nandkishore (Trilochan) Giri of Jhapa opened Giribandhu Tea-Estate with an area of ​​500 bighas, without the implementation of the Land Reforms Act in Nepal. A large part of this land is still visible in a large area across the Birtamod-Charali road section of the East-West highway.

The land-related act issued in 2021 has stipulated that even if the land is in the occupation of agriculture, industry, education or health institutions, it will not be touched by this limitation. On this basis, Giribandhu tea garden also got a discount of up to 500 bighas according to the government decision of 2029. However, there is a provision that land exempted from limitation can be used only as long as it is for the purpose for which it was registered. There was a provision in the law that land could not be bought, sold or leased.

However, the cabinet meeting on 8th June 2052 gave permission to transfer 51 bigha land of Giribandhu to the name of Naz T-Estate. Giribandhu's land was given as an investment in Naz T-Estate by naming shares. When this decision was made, the government was led by UML President Manmohan Adhikari, while Madhav Nepal was the Deputy Prime Minister, KP Sharma Oli was the Home Minister and Radhakrishna Mainali was in the Cabinet as Minister of Land Reforms and Agriculture.

The then king Gyanendra made Surya Bahadur Thapa the prime minister in 2060 while forming and overthrowing the government by himself against the constitution. When Thapa was the Prime Minister and the Minister of Land Reforms, on 16 June 2060, permission was given to sell the land of Naz T-State. In this way, houses have been built by planting tea on the land that went from Giribandhu to Naz Tea-Estate. But the Constitutional Bench of the Supreme Court declared this sale and distribution as illegal and issued an order to bring 51 acres of land in the name of the government.

Lokbandhu Kandangwa, the former vice president of Jhapa's former Anarmani gavis, went to the Supreme Court in 2064 against the government's decision to allow the sale of 51 bigha land. The respondent Giribandhu T-Estate had previously submitted a claim to the Supreme Court that 19 bighas of land had been exchanged in 2033 as he had claimed that he would not allow the sale and exchange of land. Giribandhu T-Estate's claim was, 'Giribandhu T-Estate was granted permission to hold the land in the past, as there was no condition to obtain approval for transfer of rights or speculative lease, on the date 2033 Chait 7, this Giribandhu T-Estate Pvt Ltd 19-9-10 bigha land was transferred to Chandamaya Giri The lease has been done according to the area. Before and after that, the plan to plot the entire land of Giribandhu T-Estate for billions went ahead. In 2075, local Bhaktaraj Bharti filed a petition in the Supreme Court to stop the embezzlement of the land of Giribandhu T-Estate. The joint bench of the then judges of the Supreme Court Meera Khadka and Harikrishna Karki gave an interim order on February 6, 2075 and ordered not to sell, lease, plot, etc. land of Giribandhu T-Estate.

Even though the Supreme Court gave an interim order, the Oli government presented a bill in Parliament for the eighth amendment of the Land Act, 2021 on March 28, 2076. There is a provision that agricultural farms, industries, establishments, companies or institutions located on the land within the limits can be transferred to other places and leased. For this, Parliament has amended the law with the provision that approval can be given for substitution or transfer if it is deemed appropriate in the case of an application from the relevant company with proper and sufficient reasons.

After the land delimitation exemption law was passed, there was pressure on Kedar Neupane, Secretary of the Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation, to make a regulation so that the land of the company including Giribandhu T-Estate can be exchanged. But after refusing the pressure, he was moved to the reserve group. Teknarayan Pandey was brought in instead of Neupane. The notification of Pandey's final decision and the order to exempt the limitation on his signature was published in the Nepal Gazette.

The then Secretary Kedar Neupane said that many brokers had given many temptations to issue regulations to open the way for land lease. He said, "They also told that they would kill the land worth one and a half crores in Kattha and exchange it for the cheapest land connected to the border area of ​​Kachanakbal Rural Municipality. In particular, there was no reason why tea should not be cultivated on the land that was exchanged. Neupane said that he could not make such a decision and then the government transferred him less than seven months later.

Oli government's cabinet meeting held on 13th Baisakh 2078 decided to 'give permission for land lease or transfer of Giribandhu tea garden'. But after Advocate Omprakash Aryal filed a writ in the Supreme Court, an interim order was issued. Even when an interim order was issued and the case was pending in the Supreme Court, illegal transactions were being carried out for the purchase and sale of land.

In Giribandhu T-Estate, which is visible across the Birtamod-Charali section of the East-West Highway, opening the delimitation arrangement, the land will be sold and sold as soon as the preliminary notice was published, the stakeholders have claimed that the land worth 500 million has already been sold.

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