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The president didn't get it thanks

Well fencing and sloganeering by Congress
Criticized by the ruling party as an 'indecent act' after the opposition did not allow the motion of thanks to be tabled
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President Ramchandra Paudel, who presented the government's policy and program at the joint meeting of the Parliament on Tuesday, did not even get a thank you. Though there was an agenda for the vote of thanks, it could not happen, possibly for the first time in parliamentary practice, after the main opposition Congress disrupted the meeting.

The president didn't get it thanks

The Congress blocked the meeting of both houses of the Parliament demanding the formation of a parliamentary committee to investigate the Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane for misappropriating the cooperative's savings. The Congress's stance of only presenting policies and programs did not reach the table to thank the President. The Congress has argued that its action is correct, while the ruling party has criticized it as an indecent action of the party that claims to be the head of the parliamentary system.

The President spent two and a half hours and presented the upcoming policies and programs of the government. After that, the National Assembly met with only the agenda of thanking him. Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal would table the proposal and National Assembly Speaker Narayan Prasad Dahal would present the agenda. But the proposal could not be tabled after the Congress MP blocked the meeting. In the House of Representatives, the agenda was to read the letters sent by the Office of the President, the Office of the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers, to nominate the members of parliament who will chair the meeting, to table and pass a motion to thank the President, and to submit an ordinance on investment facilitation by the Minister of Industry. But as soon as the meeting started, the Congress surrounded the well and raised slogans.

The chief whip of the Congress, Ramesh Akhtar, argued that the proposal to thank the President was not allowed to be tabled and presented because it was official. "Since the Prime Minister of the government proposed to table, it is a government proposal, we were going to stop the President from presenting the policy and program, we allowed him to present the policy and program only at the request of the Prime Minister," said the writer.

A senior official of the Parliament said that the proposal to thank the President was not the government's but the House's. The official said that even though the Prime Minister would table the table, the parliamentary practice of thanking the President for coming to the Parliament and addressing it was broken. The Parliament will thank the President for coming to the Parliament and presenting the policy and program. It is practice for the Prime Minister to only table. It is entirely the part of the Parliament to thank the President, it is not appropriate to involve the Government in it. "This is probably the first time that the President has not been thanked after submitting the policy and programme," said the official.

Finance Minister Varshman Pun said that the Congress had done an indecent act by not thanking the President. The main opposition party's blocking of the parliament was not proper. Honorable President is the guardian of the country. He after addressing Parliament for two hours, he should have proposed a vote of thanks as a matter of common courtesy. You gave a two-hour long speech for the nation, you can't even say thank you?', Minister Pun said, 'It would have been better if you had allowed me to do that. Then there was a discussion between the ruling party and the opposition party. The oldest democratic party in the country did not show democratic character.'

He commented that the Congress has registered an undemocratic and tragic incident in the Parliament. UML's chief whip Mahesh Bertaula said, "It is a parliamentary practice to thank the President, but we could not thank the President, this is a sad matter." Where did the Congress try to take the Parliament without allowing it to discuss the issues, policies and programs of the people? Is this the practice of the party that has developed from the parliamentary practice? He said that the Congress is also responsible for the effectiveness of the Parliament.

RSVP MP Sobita Gautam also commented that the activities of the Congress raised doubts about where the parliamentary practice would lead. He said that it is not right not to allow the functioning of the Parliament to proceed with regard to one case. The politics of Nepal is going into a complicated mode. Such activities have raised doubts about where the parliamentary practice and culture will end up. Parliament, which is supposed to instill hope in the new generation, has become a hostage,' said MP Gautam, 'the situation that is being created in the parliament, tomorrow when the other party is in the opposition, it will do the same thing.'' Gautam asked. She said that ministers and MPs should be able to answer after being accused. The

writer said that the criticism of the ruling party leaders for not allowing the president to put up a motion to thank the president will not have any effect on the Congress. "Such accusations and counter-accusations are being made, the Congress is saying that they will not allow government business to be presented," said the author. Meetings of the House of Representatives and the National Assembly have been called on Thursday to thank the President for presenting the policy and program. However, it is not certain that the President will receive thanks from that meeting.

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