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Jaspa Nepal left the government, Jaspa entered

Prime Minister Dahal has reshuffled the cabinet for the fifth time, a state minister with 2 JSP ministers, a chief minister in Madhesh and the opinion of public opinion that he will also participate in the federal government.
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After the new power equation, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has made some changes with the expansion of the cabinet for the fifth time. After Jaspa Nepal left the government on Monday morning, Prime Minister Dahal included the newly formed Jaspa under the leadership of Ashok Rai in the government.

Jaspa Nepal left the government, Jaspa entered

Jaspa Nepal President Upendra Yadav resigned as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Health and Deepak Karki as Minister of State for Forests and Environment, Jaspa Deputy Secretary General Pradeep Yadav, who was split from the same party, has been given the responsibility of Health Ministry. Also, Prime Minister Dahal has also appointed Jaspa's Hasina Khan as the Minister of State. Navalkishore Shah Sudi, who previously became the Minister of Forests and Environment from Jaspa Nepal, has continued in the Dahal government. Sudi is in the Jaspa led by Rai after the party split. With Monday's cabinet reshuffle, Jaspa got one more minister and one minister of state.

After Yadav's exit, the Dahal government has come to a more comfortable majority position. In the House of Representatives, the government currently has the support of 153 MPs including UML 78, Maoists 32, Raswapa 21, Samajwadi Party 10, Jaspa 7 and Civil Immunity 5. Which is 15 seats more than the minimum majority required by the government in the House of Representatives. In addition, after the new equation between UML, Maoists and Janmaat for the new government to replace Chief Minister Saroj Kumar Yadav in the Madhesh government, it is almost certain that Jantam will also join the federal government. According to public opinion, while the Madhes Chief Minister is keeping the 'bottom line' he should get, it is understood that Prime Minister Dahal is preparing to make him a non-departmental minister from immunity until the ministry is decided.

After Congress left the power coalition, Prime Minister Dahal made a new power equation by including UML and Rashtriya Swatantra Party in the government. Then he expanded the cabinet on February 23, February 27, Chait 12 after reconstituting a small government on February 21. After Jaspa Nepal came out of power, Dahal brought Jaspa into the government and reshuffled the cabinet for the fifth time on Tuesday. Jaspa Nepal President Yadav said that he was going to form another alliance with the Congress, and the Rai party split. With the party split, Jaspa Nepal will also lose the Madhes Chief Minister. Madhesh Chief Minister Saroj Kumar Yadav has fallen into the minority after Maoists and UML withdrew their vote of confidence.

Jaspa Nepal president Yadav resigned from the ministerial post saying that he cannot cooperate with the government in the current political situation. The Yadav party, which is in crisis after the party split, left the government in a forced situation. The Yadav side has alleged that the party was split on the design of Prime Minister Dahal and UML President KP Sharma Oli. After the division of Jaspa, Chairman Yadav's party has been limited to five seats in the House of Representatives, while Jaspa led by Rai has 7 MPs. Rai-led Jaspa has already been recognized as a party by the Election Commission on May 24. On that basis, the Parliament Secretariat has already managed seats in the Parliament for the newly formed Jaspa.

Jaspa Nepal broke up last Sunday while Yadav was on a foreign tour. After returning from America, Yadav held a press conference and said that Jaspa Nepal remained in the power equation. But after the UML and Maoists withdrew their support to Saroj Kumar Yadav, the leader of Jaspa Nepal and Chief Minister of Madhes, Yadav faced a moral crisis to stay in the government. After that, he submitted a letter withdrawing his support to the Dahal-led government to Speaker Devraj Ghimire. Along with withdrawing support, Yadav also informed the Parliament about staying in the opposition. "Since JSP Nepal has now withdrawn the support given to the government and left the government as well, there is a request for information on whether it will sit in the opposition in the parliament and play its constructive role," said the letter. Jaspa Nepal has withdrawn its support from the government formed according to Article 76 (2) of the Constitution.

Meanwhile, Yadav has filed a petition in the Supreme Court demanding the dissolution of the new party JSP, opposing the Election Commission on Monday, saying that JSP Nepal has been divided illegally. The writ has been scheduled for hearing on Wednesday. Yadav has claimed that 40 percent of the central members required for the division of the party did not reach the division. On the other hand, public opinion has set the "bottom line" that the Madhes chief minister should get for his party to participate in the federal government. Public opinion spokesman Chandan Singh mentioned that the Madhez chief minister is the minimum requirement of his party and said that the way to come to the federal government will open.

'The Chief Minister is our bottom line in Madhesh, after that it becomes an environment to participate in the federal government,' he said, 'We have a role to create a new equation in Madhesh. As a big party, we should have a chief minister.'' As per the constitution, a maximum of 25-member cabinet can be made, so it is understood that Prime Minister Dahal is ready to make a minister without a department from immunity until the ministry is decided. Prime Minister's Press Adviser Govinda Acharya said that discussions are going on about public opinion, immunity and the participation of the LOSPA government. "Positive discussions are being held with Janmat, Unmukti and LOSPA in order to have respectful cooperation," he said.

Competitive politics has been going on in Madhes between Jaspa Nepal and Janmat. Jaspa became the contender for the Chief Minister after the Madhes Chief Minister Yadav was given a minority vote from Nepal. Although the Democratic Samajwadi Party is active in creating a new equation in Madhes, its leader Sharatsingh Bhandari made it clear that he will not join the federal government based on that. "Even though we support this government, we support and criticize it based on its merits and demerits," he said, "We have no preparation to participate in the federal government." Bhandari said that his party has not made any decision about participating in the Madhes government. LOSPA was a participant in the previous coalition government.

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