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Children's temple land embezzlement case: Children's organization filed a complaint with CIB

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The Nepal Children's Organization has filed a complaint with the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of the police to investigate the embezzlement of the land of the children's temple. A complaint was registered in the CIB on Thursday, alleging that land fraud and embezzlement were committed by the collusion of the then officials and employees and middlemen. CIB SP Hobindra Bogti confirmed that a complaint has been registered on behalf of the Nepal Children's Organization, asking them to investigate the crime of defrauding the children's land.

Children's temple land embezzlement case: Children's organization filed a complaint with CIB

In the plan of the then officials, employees, power centers and interest groups of the organization, an agreement was reached to lease 29 ropani 4 annas land to Brihaspati for 2131 years.

2021 On November 17, 2021, by publishing a notice in the gazette, the government acquired more than 119 plantations of land belonging to the then Rana family (now belonging to Bal Mandir) and brought it to the name of the government . After that, a children's orphanage was established for the guidance and protection of orphans and helpless children. Since the said land was being occupied by the children's temple, the embezzlement began in the name of renting the land from 2049.

Canceling the agreement to operate Brihaspati School in Bal Mandir

When he was the president of Bal Sangathan for 2 and a half decades from 2049, it was seen that Brihaspati encroached on the land of Bal Mandir with the connivance of Rita Singh Vaidya and her working committee officials and employees. The last time, in 2072, the same Vaidya handed over the land of Bal Mandir for an additional 43 years (until 2131), leaving the previous lease period of 16 years with Brihaspati.

There was an agreement that the organization would get an annual rent of 90 million rupees for leasing the land to Jupiter. After that, after Brihaspati took the land on lease, 5 Ropani was sub-leased to the 'Rai School' run by the Board of India and was charging 60 lakhs annually. The government formed after the 2048 general elections appointed Rita Singh Vaidya as the president of the organisation. Vaidya is the daughter of Ganeshman Singh and the elder sister of current Congress leader Prakashman Singh. Brihaspati Vidya Sadan has also entered Bal Mandir along with Vaidya Sangathan.

After the issue of embezzlement came out, only last week, the Nepal Children's Organization has also canceled the lease contract with Brihaspati Vidya Sadan until 2131 on the basis of internal investigation and past study reports. Then on Thursday, the children's organization filed a complaint for investigation on the overall land irregularities.

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