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Cooperative Scrutiny Committee: Indispensable to Congress, unacceptable to RSVP

At the all-party meeting, after Congress chief whip Ramesh Lakhtar argued that Ravi Lamichhane's name was mentioned in the investigation report of Rupandehi police and argued that the Cooperative Act and the Criminal Code would be attracted, UML president Oli quipped, "You could have done a PhD with such studies."

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After Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane was involved in the misappropriation of cooperative savings, the ruling RSVP has blocked the Prime Minister's initiative to take a middle-of-the-road path regarding the formation of a parliamentary inquiry committee. The RSVP parliamentary party meeting made it clear that a committee on cooperatives would be unacceptable, while the opposition Congress became more strict in its demands. The Parliament session has been going on since May 28 (Friday) amidst the constitutional obligation to bring the budget on 15th June.

Cooperative Scrutiny Committee: Indispensable to Congress, unacceptable to RSVP

The Congress, which has been demanding an investigation on Lamichhane, has prepared to make this demand even stronger in the upcoming session. As the previous session was affected by this dispute, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal and Speaker Devraj Ghimire have taken the initiative to find a way out this year.

However, there is no immediate way out. Speaker Devraj Ghimire called an all-party meeting on Tuesday to facilitate the upcoming session, in which Home Minister Lamichhane presented the claim that there is no justification for the investigation committee as he is innocent in the cooperative dispute. He also submitted a letter from the Attorney General's office in his acquittal. He also proposed that he should be allowed to speak at the upcoming parliament meeting after receiving a letter from the relevant agency stating that he was not involved in the embezzlement of savings.

Based on the petition given by Lamichhane, the answer given by the Attorney General's Office said, 'There is no involvement of (Lamichhane) in the embezzlement of the funds of Supreme Savings and Loan Cooperative Society, Chitwan's Sahara Cooperative Society and Kaski's Suryadarshan Cooperative Society filed in Rupandehi District Court and no complaint has been filed. , regarding the filing of an indictment or not, when sent to the district attorney's office in Rupandehi, Chitwan and Kaski, the response is that there has been no complaint, investigation or even prosecution The Congress has taken a stand that the demand for an investigation is now urgent, saying that the letter of the Attorney General's office that there was no complaint, complaint, investigation and prosecution has raised doubts. Chief Whip of the Congress Parliamentary Party, Ramesh Akhtar, presented a government research paper named Lamichhane on co-operative embezzlement, saying that the entire state machinery was misused to protect one person.

On the basis of the police investigation, the indictment filed by the Rupandehi public prosecutor's office in the court on May 3 states that Lamichhane took the loan without completing the process. Similarly, the charge sheet also includes the share register book stating that Lamichhane was the owner of the company when the amount of 140 crores of Supreme Cooperative was illegally transferred to Gorkha Media Network Pvt.

Congress has claimed that Maoist leader Krishna Bahadur Mahara was linked to Lamichhana in misappropriation of cooperative savings and gold smuggling hidden in electric cigarettes. Mahara's initial status is the same. No charges were filed against him. A defendant was not made when the case came to court. It was mentioned in the charge sheet that there were several conversations with the gold smugglers. According to UML's stand, the commission of inquiry formed should investigate Mahara,' the author said, 'Lamichhane, who is the managing director of Gorkha Media Network, has also illegally taken the cooperative's money, it is clearly mentioned in the prosecution. It is said that money was embezzled by taking loans without completing the process. However, like Mahara, the accused has not been made. The fact that Mahara will be investigated and Raviji will not be investigated is a serious contradiction in the state's policy.' On the other hand, Prime Minister Dahal has been of the view that a middle way can be taken to address the demand raised by the Congress on the formation of a parliamentary inquiry committee for a few days. In Tuesday's all-party meeting, the Prime Minister wanted to discuss the issue of forming a committee to address the problem of distressed cooperatives in a manner acceptable to both the ruling party and the opposition.

Based on the discussion with the Prime Minister, Law Minister Padam Giri proposed that the proposal to form a parliamentary committee should be accepted so as not to focus on individuals, while the chief whip of the ruling party UML parliamentary party, Mahesh Bertaula, also presented another option that can be investigated by the relevant committee under the House of Representatives.

However, after the author spoke on behalf of the Congress, UML President KP Sharma Oli was of the opinion that the demand of the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee cannot be accepted. The author explained about the investigation report submitted by the District Attorney's Office Rupandehi to the court, the provisions of the Cooperative Act and the Criminal Code of Conduct. Aiming at the

author's explanation, Oli sarcasticly said that he could have done a PhD with so much study. "Looking at the preparations for the Congress, it was seen that there would be a PhD. "We do not understand how a person who is under investigation can sit in the cabinet as soon as the committee is formed in the first stage," a leader said, quoting Oli's statement, "The issue of forming a committee with the home minister at the center is not acceptable under any circumstances." He argued that it was not right not to be allowed to speak. Parliament should listen to the Home Minister. Congress should listen too. "If the Congress does not want to hear about the allegations against Ravi in ​​the Parliament, then the UML wants to hear," said Oli. Congress president Sher Bahadur Deuba also participated in the

meeting. He had the chief whip writer speak on his behalf. While Oli was speaking, he was saying in between, 'Let's form the committee, Ravi will be allowed to speak, will the committee be formed?'

Oli said that the Congress wants to establish a wrong culture by demanding an investigation on Lamichhane in Parliament. He also warned that this practice will cause trouble to the Congress in the future. Oli's question was about the role of Congress leaders in providing service facilities and salaries from the state fund to those who were convicted in corruption cases by the special court and suspended. Oli's question was, 'Is it possible to bring a procession to the Speaker's office to facilitate those who are found to be corrupt in Parliament by raising the question of ethics, to boycott people who have not been prosecuted, indicted, or complained about in Parliament?'

Prime Minister Dahal had asked the state agencies to understand about Lamichhane in an impartial manner and reiterated that there was no problem there. Claiming that what he had said in the parliament about Lamichhane earlier was confirmed as true, he asked not to disrupt the parliament which will be running from Thursday. Leaders who participated in the meeting said that although he tried to make a parliamentary investigation without focusing on individuals like before, the new dispute between Congress and RSVP did not lead to a discussion in that direction.

In the all-party meeting, Speaker Ghimire asked the leaders to find a solution because the parliamentary committees were not effective and the bills could not be moved forward. Parliament should be made a forum for problem solving. Do not carry in barrier bags. All political parties should be aware of this. The role of the parties should be decisive for the proper functioning of the Parliament,' said Ghimire. In the meeting, RPP leader Dhruv Bahadur Pradhan also demanded that a parliamentary inquiry committee should be formed on cooperative fraud.

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