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Jashki Nepal, changed speech

Criticism within the party for taking a weak strategy in the desire to become the prime minister
Nepal, which has been publicly questioning how long this alliance will last and warning that there may be upheaval, said in the parliamentary party meeting on Monday - "The current power equation will continue".
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Madhav Kumar, President of United Samajwadi Party, who has been warning that the ruling UML and Maoists have not implemented the agreement, has suddenly changed his speech. After the parliamentarians put pressure on the developments after the JSP split on Monday, President Nepal has announced the conclusion that the current power equation will continue.

Jashki Nepal, changed speech

Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba, Jaspa President Upendra Yadav and the leader of United Socialist Nepal were not only in constant dialogue recently, Congress leaders have said that there is an agreement to form an alternative alliance in which all three will be prime ministers. However, not only did the JSP split before the implementation of the agreement, but the plan for a new alliance was broken for the time being after President Yadav fell into the minority within the party.

Nepal, who is in the mood to become the prime minister, has been criticized within the party for taking a weak strategy. Even though he sent his ministers to the government, he could not instill confidence in the alliance, instead he started destroying this alliance in his desire to become the prime minister. That is why the UML has refused to give a vote of confidence to United in the Far West. But now there is confusion everywhere, because his strategy has failed, he is being criticized within the party," said a member of parliament who participated in the parliamentary party meeting.

Nepal called a parliamentary party meeting on Monday to take a political decision in the changed situation after the possibility of an immediate new equation faded with the split of Jaspa. In the meeting, all the MPs criticized the party's latest strategy saying that it only caused damage. Participating in the meeting, MP Sher Bahadur Kunwar said, 'The parliamentarians reviewed the political developments and gave their opinion, the overall opinion was that the current equation should be continued, especially all the members suggested to the president not to change the current equation.' However, he clarified that he was not in favor of creating an alternative equation. "There is dissatisfaction with some aspects of the alliance, but we will continue to maintain this alliance," said Nepal. However, three weeks ago, in an event in the home district of Rautahat, Nepal had warned that 'if anyone underestimates or neglects the role of his party, he will pay a heavy price'. With a warning that the power coalition itself may collapse, he said, "We have our own self-respect and importance, so it is okay if we understand this." Otherwise, everything will be reversed and there will be another upheaval in the country.'

Nepal also said that the coalition is uncomfortable due to threats and abusive language targeting Oli at the 'Nar Bahadur Karmacharya Memorial Foundation' event attended by Prime Minister Dahal on May 10. Politics is complicated. Within a short period of time, alliances are formed. The question of how long this alliance will last has been raised," Nepal said. Nepal also revealed why he is uncomfortable with the

alliance. The situation is not easy. We are not taking it easy. We are not feeling comfortable. We did not come into politics to listen to someone's threats, abuse, we were not born in the society, we are not involved in politics, it is not our destiny to be someone's slave,'' he said.

Nepal targeted Oli in an event in the capital on May 17 and commented that some people were worried about him becoming the prime minister. "Some people are starting to question whether I will become the prime minister," he said. Bhusal says that Nepal is dissatisfied with Oli and Dahal's style of not implementing the prior agreement. "Despite agreeing, not giving the National Assembly Vice Speaker and an MP nominated by the President, reluctance to give the leadership of the Far West government and delaying the vote of confidence even after giving it are the main reasons for dissatisfaction," he said. Bhusal alleges that the government is forgetting the commitment made by Oli and Dahal when they went to their residence in Nepal as soon as the new equation with UML and Maoists was formed. He said that if the disagreement between the parties in the equation increases, another result may come. "If one denies the existence of the other, what will be the result cannot be said now," he said.

Party Deputy General Secretary Prakash Jwala also mentioned that there is a problem in the power equation and said that it is the conclusion of the party that it will be resolved through discussion. "There are problems in the equation, it is a conclusion to solve those problems through discussion," he said.

Parliamentary Party Chief Whip Metmani Chaudhary issued a statement after the meeting and said that there is no problem in the equation. The meeting stated that they are committed to the power equation and concluded that the problem will be solved through mutual discussion. "Meanwhile, the discussions and rumors about the parliamentary party are wrong and the party has expressed its commitment to remain united by requesting everyone not to fall into such confusion," said the statement.

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