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KMC doctors panicked after beating and vandalism

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Dr. Vinita Pradhan is afraid to treat patients now. His legs are shaking when he gets to the emergency room. She feels a sense of insecurity in the hustle and bustle.

KMC doctors panicked after beating and vandalism

"Since that day, I have had a deep fear in my heart," said the head of the emergency department of the teaching hospital in Sinamangal, Kathmandu Medical College. Vinita says, 'I am afraid that someone will come and beat me, how can I work if this keeps happening?' They also vandalized.

'If my colleagues at the hospital had not rushed me in, the crowd could have killed me that day,' says Vinita, 'Honestly, I am suffering from such insecurity, I am not able to work.'

Monday She was spending days in her office in the hospital in a terrible condition. She says that the medical field is becoming unsafe due to the repeated assaults on women doctors, and the state is not taking action against those involved in the vandalism, and the general panic among the health workers is increasing.

According to the hospital administration, 62-year-old Padmalal Rimal died after collapsing due to 'cardio arrest' under the supervision of doctors. He fell down in front of his daughter-in-law who came to the hospital together, and after two hours of CPR (emergency treatment for patients with chest pressure to start blood flow to the heart), he did not regain consciousness and was pronounced dead by the family members and the crowd they called. The hospital was vandalized by beating Vinita.

"Since that day, we have not been able to work," said another Dr. of KMC who was shocked after being cut by a glass in the chest when the window was broken in the emergency room. Pooja Shah says, 'When they saw the crowd, they came out of fear.'

While studying the CCTV footage of what happened after the incident, it was seen that the patient's relatives came and suddenly beat up the doctors, according to the hospital administration. In the CCTV footage provided by the hospital, a man dressed in white enters the emergency room with two others. There is a medical protocol to keep walk-in patients in the 'green zone' of the emergency room.

'We did the same, as soon as we put him on the bed, I asked him what happened, father'. Kushal Paudel says, 'I drank a lot of tea today, he said he got gastric, and I sent a relative who came with me to buy a gastric medicine called Tricin gel and asked him to open his clothes to see if he has a heart problem.'

CCTV Dr. in the footage. As Kushal says, Padmalal starts taking off his shirt for ICG from sleeping position. At the same time, suddenly he falls to the ground . There is a commotion in the emergency room of the hospital and the doctors and health workers rush towards him. And, all together put him unconscious on the bed . After that, health workers start performing CPR and put a curtain around the patient's bed.

'During CPR it is the medical protocol to wear a curtain' Dr. Vinita says, 'We tried to open the blood circulation of the patient till the end, but he did not wake up.' Vinita said that she was informed about the tragic death of Padmalal and after Devendra came out, people gathered and suddenly punched her on the head and she fell on the ground.

In the footage provided by KMC to Kantipur, a young man suddenly said Dr. It seems that Vinita was fatally attacked and the hospital was vandalized soon after that. Doctors of KMC are angry that even though the police were there during the incident, they did not take any time to control the crowd.

'If there is a cardio arrest, blood does not reach the brain and the patient passes out, in some cases even if CPR is performed, consciousness cannot be brought back, that is what happened in Padmalalji's case'. Vinita says, 'We doctors are not Gods, we can die even if we follow the protocol and we are treated. When I told the relatives of the deceased about this procedure, there was an attack.

The response of the Gaushala police is that they could not stop the incident because they arrived only after hearing the news that the hospital was vandalized. "Some policemen are assigned to guard the hospital, but since they were on leave that day, there will be no one there to provide security except for the hospital guard," says Thewe Even though there is a provision to complain to the medical council if you are not satisfied, the law of Nepal has considered beating as a criminal offense .

'What has happened in KMC is punishable, because the government has arranged that those involved in such work will be imprisoned for up to 5 years. He said that the police are ready to take legal action against the person who reported the


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