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Ruling party Jaspa split, new party led by Ashok Rai


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The ruling Janata Samajwadi Party has split. Dissatisfaction with Upendra Yadav's working style led to a split under the leadership of Federal Council Chairman Ashok Rai.

Ruling party Jaspa split, new party led by Ashok Rai

Parliamentarian Pradeep Yadav informed that 29 central executive members, including 7 MPs of the Federal Parliament, have applied to the Election Commission for party registration. In participating in the

divided team Federal MPs include Ashok Rai, Sushila Shrestha, Pradeep Yadav, Navalkishore Sah, Ranjukumari Jha, Virendra Mahato and Hasina Khan. There were 12 MPs of Jaspa in the House of Representatives. Jaspa Only 5 MPs are left on the Yadav side of Nepal .

The party formed under the leadership of Rai has only been named 'JSP'.

Pradeep Yadav said to Ikantipur that 'selfishness and insulting of MPs happened within the party,' so we decided to register a new party'

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