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Investing in cooperative savings resort, court arrest warrant against owner MP

Not only to private companies and unsecured loan providers, but also to the directors of the taking companies, the Nawalpur District Court's permission to arrest and investigate according to the Cooperative Act is also applicable to Najir Home Minister Lamichhane, the police are confused.

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An arrest warrant has been issued by the court to investigate not only the co-operative operators, but also the parliamentarians who invest in private companies for embezzling the savings of common people. A warrant has been issued for the arrest of RP federal parliamentarian Geeta Basnet, who invested 165.8 million rupees from Chitwan's Sunrise, East Nawalparasi (Nawalpur) and Namaste cooperatives in Bardirya and invested in her group's resort.

Investing in cooperative savings resort, court arrest warrant against owner MP

Even after getting the arrest warrant from the court, instead of implementing it, the police is messing up by correspondence with the province and head office. The police are confused saying that the example will also apply to Home Minister Ravi Lamichhane.

The savings of three cooperatives of three districts were embezzled by investing the savings of three cooperatives in Bardia's Gulria, Krishnasar resort with the investment of MP Basnet Samet. According to the document received by Kantipur, unsecured loans have flowed to Krishnasar Resort from Chhihope Consumer Cooperative in Kawasoti Municipality of East Nawalparasi, Sunrise Savings and Loan Cooperative in Chitwan and Namaste Savings and Loan Cooperative in Bardia.

Section 50 of the Cooperative Act 2074 provides that the cooperative can only accept the savings of its members and provide loans only to the members. Savings collected by a cooperative organization can be used for loan investment among members, buying bonds issued by the Government of Nepal or treasury bills issued by the Nepal Rastra Bank, purchasing real estate, investing in infrastructure construction business, purchasing shares of a firm or company in any bank (except the cooperative bank) or any other It should not be used for the purpose,' says the Act.

Section 122 of the Act provides for fines and imprisonment to punish those who embezzle cooperative funds. If a loan is taken by giving false information, if the mortgage is deemed to be bad or if the loan is embezzled, there is a provision for wrong payment, a fine equal to the wrong and imprisonment for up to 6 years. The police and public prosecutor's office have stated that the investigation and case process will proceed using this section.

Based on the investigation of the Nawalpur District Police, the District Court has issued an arrest warrant against the MP Basnet as per the procedure carried out by the District Public Prosecutor's Office. The district police office has sent the information about the court's order to arrest the MP to the state police office Gandaki and the said office to the police head office.

The letter written by the district police said, 'When the defendants who were arrested during the investigation of the crime case according to the Cooperative Act 2074 gave a statement to the authorized officer, we found the Sunrise Savings and Loan Cooperative Society Ltd. operating in Chitwan district with the involvement of Gita Basnet, who is a federal member of Parliament from Bardia district and the representative of the Rashtriya Prajatantra Party. , Nawalparasi-poor Chhihappe Consumer Cooperative Society Ltd. And Namaste Savings and Loan Cooperative Ltd. operating in Bardia district. It was revealed in the report that financial analyst Nirmal Gautam, who was assigned from the Cooperative Registrar's Office, Gandaki Province, had invested in the Krishnasar Resort in Bardia district by misappropriating the savings of the same. Ward no. 4 Gita Basnet, 67 years of age, has been arrested and investigated in the present case, as an arrest warrant has been obtained from the respected Nawalpur District Court, so as to send certain details regarding the fact that Basnet is not a member of the Federal Parliament....'

The police investigated based on the complaints given by the victims that the money collected by selling greens and milk, selling corn and peanuts on the street was embezzled and invested in the resort and the savings were not returned. According to police officials, the same group, including Yogendra Pandey, Narendra Rizal and Sanjeev Mahato, operated cooperatives under different names in Navalpur, Chitwan and Bardia.

Yogendra Pandey is the president and Nagendra Bahadur Rimal is the secretary of Nawalpur's Chhihope Cooperative, while Nagendra is the president and Yogendra is the secretary of Chitwan's Sunrise Cooperative. Nagendra is the president and Sanjeev Kumar Mahato is the manager in Bardia's Namaste Cooperative. Cooperative operators Pandey, Rizal, Mahato and MP Basnet are running Krishnasar Resort in Bardia. "Six people, including Pandey, Rizal, and Mahato, who are involved in embezzlement of savings, have been arrested," said a police officer involved in the investigation. After the court gave the permission to arrest, we have sent information to the police headquarters. Hari Ghimire, district attorney of East Nawalparasi, said that no mortgage was kept for the amount invested in the

resort and no installment was paid even once. No mortgage has been placed, no installments have been paid. The district court has given permission to arrest Basnet, the owner of the resort, and make him appear for a statement, he said.

District Police Chief of East Nawalpur Narahari Regmi said that nothing can be said immediately as the investigation of the cooperative has reached its final stage. "After the investigation, we will publish the details," he said.

Krishnasar Resort in Bardia seems to be on the land of MP Basnet. According to the police investigation, Nagendra Bahadur and MP Geeta's plan shows that a large investment has been made in the internal decoration of the resort from the co-operative's funds. Nagendra Kumar Rimal, daughter-in-law of MP Geetha and secretary of Chhihopay Savings Cooperative, president of Sunrise and Namaste Cooperative, said that he needed money while preparing the structure of the resort in 21 Kattha, so he brought money from the cooperative to invest and kept the profit from the resort in the cooperative. The money seems to have been taken.

Financial analyst and consultant Gautam was appointed by the Gandaki State Cooperative Registrar's Office for investigation after the complaint of savers. In the report submitted by Gautam on February 29, the details and amount of those who embezzled the funds of the cooperative are mentioned.

Pokhara's Surya Darshan, Chitwan's Sahara, Butwal's Supreme, Nepalgunj's Parity, Birgunj's Small Step and Kathmandu's Swarnalakshmi to Gorkha Media Network, no process including mortgage has been completed while investing in Krishnasar resort from three cooperatives in Chitwan, Nawalpur and Bardia. After the savers of Nawalpur's Chhiharpe Cooperative went to the police alleging that 2,393 savers had embezzled Rs.

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