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Umashankar Raivar, who was accused of a false case of tax evasion of 28 crores, was acquitted

Saroj Kumar Mishra of Sarlahi, who misused Raivar's citizenship to set up a company, was found guilty

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Umashankar Raivar of Bara Parwanipur, who was charged with a false case of 280 million revenue fraud due to misuse of citizenship and signature by someone else, has been acquitted.

Umashankar Raivar, who was accused of a false case of tax evasion of 28 crores, was acquitted

The Patan High Court acquitted Raivar and convicted Saroj Kumar Mishra of Sarlahi and others for setting up a company by misusing his citizenship. The bench of judges Dipendra Adhikari and Dilliratna Shrestha acquitted him on Sunday. According to advocate Radhika Khatiwada, who fought Raivar's case, the court has given justice to a person of lower years.

Due to a false case, he spent almost a year in jail and was released on bail. Blue Cross Traders and JN Suppliers, opened by Saroj Kumar Mishra of Sarlahi, cheated about 28 crores of revenue by misusing Raivar's citizenship photocopy, photograph, signature and lapchae . After the company was found in the name of Raivar, the Revenue Investigation Department initiated a fraud case against him. But after it was not proven that Raivar had defrauded the revenue of this company and took any kind of benefit from it, the court acquitted him.

The government had filed a criminal case of revenue evasion with a sum of Rs. 28 crores against Raibhar, who had to earn in the morning and sleep in the evening.

Umashankar, who has been working night and day in car repair work, is feeding his family with a salary of 20-22 thousand, Due to the ongoing case in Kathmandu, many people have stumbled. "Now he has got justice," said lawyer Khatiwada, who is assisting Raivar to get justice.

about Raivar's case, Kantipur on October 13, 2078 who went to jail after falling into the trap of a thug published a news story . After the news, an ordinary person fell into the trap of a fraudster and because of that It came out that there was a big case .

When his name and citizenship were misused in a business conspiracy that created many scenarios to evade taxes, he was found guilty in the paper report of the Revenue Investigation Department. In the case filed by the department in the Patan High Court four years ago, Raivar was the owner of two companies. Out of which, he was accused of tax evasion of Rs. 158.7 million from Blue Cross Traders and Rs. 123.3 million from Jane Suppliers. It is mentioned in the case filed by the Revenue Department that this amount should be recovered with fine and imprisonment for up to five years. was .

The High Court ordered him to pay a bond of 75 lakhs on February 19, 2077, in the closed hearing of the case filed against Raivar and 57 others. However, the government sent him to jail saying that he was not able to pay the amount this time and could not pay the bond. After Kantipur wrote the news about this, advocate Khatiwada filed a petition in the Supreme Court against the order of the High Court by representing Raivar for free.

If the justice becomes technical, even though he is innocent, people like Raivar should go to jail and the real culprit who framed him will remain outside the scope of the law. Supreme Court took 11 months to lower the bail to 25,000. During that period he stayed in jail .

Supreme Court judge Vishwambhar Prasad Shrestha and Sapna Malla Pradhan's bench fixed Raivar's bail of 25,000 in January 2078, but he could not pay it. His brother took a loan and managed to collect 20,000. 25,000 Banai Raibhar was freed from prison after suffering 5,000 Khatiwadas that were not reached. After that, his case has now been decided.

Raibhar was brought to Kathmandu in 2070 by his neighbor Umashankar Sahni of his village Bara Parwanipur under the pretext of getting a good job in a garage. usan One day he was introduced to a man named Saroj Kumar Mishra and he assured Raivar that he would bring citizenship and get a job in a good company. Raivar gave citizenship to Mishra of Sarlahi Godaita-8. But within a few days of being granted citizenship, Yata Mishra opened two companies - Bluecross Traders and J&Suppliers. Raivar did not know that he was the owner of both of them.

Saroj Kumar used the bank account of the business company opened by making Umashankar the owner. had done . The company was used for customs evasion and tax evasion by bringing motor parts from abroad . Umashankar came to know about this only after investigating the revenue at once. Till now, Saroj Kumar was absconding and even now the state machinery has not been able to arrest him. Umashankar was ordered to pay a bond of 75 lakhs by the bench of High Court judges Achyut Bista and Dipendra Bahadur Bam and if he fails to pay, he will be sent to jail. Umashankar was sent directly to Nakkhu Jail as he could not pay the bail. Now Raibhar has been found innocent in the case. "Such a decision instills more confidence in the court" Advocate Khatiwada said. The text of its verdict is yet to come.

File photo: Prakashchandra Timilsena / Kantipur

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