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The government has failed in every way: Dr. Bhattarai


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Former Prime Minister and Chairman of Nepal Samajwadi Party Dr. Bavuram Bhattarai has said that the government led by Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has failed in all aspects including good governance, economic development, political stability and corruption control. He said that the failed government could not last for long.

The government has failed in every way: Dr. Bhattarai

Bhattarai pointed to Prime Minister Dahal and said, 'Wherever the kafal cooked, where the chari danced, the work of building and destroying the government was done as if a child made and destroyed a pot,' Bhattarai pointed to Prime Minister Dahal and said, 'More instability in the country even after changing the government three times. has caused The problem of unemployment is increasing, now students are leaving the country to study.

parties are like private companies, and corruption is increasing day by day due to the tendency to follow interests and benefits. He commented that after the change of government at the center, there was no stability after the state government, which was called autonomous, was also disrupted.

Bhattarai commented that instead of prosecuting and punishing the corrupt, the government is protecting its leaders and seeking revenge from others. He said that the current coalition government will not last for long. He said that the government is not thinking about how political stability in the country, good governance becomes an issue for the country's development because it is focused on disrupting the government.

The current election and government system, it does not give status, he said that the executive president and directly elected parliamentarians should be arranged according to proportionality and inclusiveness. He said that people should go by forming Lokpal. "By doing this, we can make Nepal a prosperous country with rapid economic development and unemployment within 30 years," he said. I am also a student of development planning, I help.'

He also said that he is going to form an alternative political force.

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