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Kailash Kumar Chaudhary of Civil Immunity also submitted his claim for the Chief Minister of Far West


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Kailash Kumar Chaudhary, another member of parliament of Civil Liberation Party, has also submitted a claim for the Chief Ministership of Sudurpaschim Province. With the support of CPN-UML, CPN-Maoist Center and Independent MPs, MP Choudhary reached the office of the provincial head a while ago and submitted his claim to the Chief Minister.

Kailash Kumar Chaudhary of Civil Immunity also submitted his claim for the Chief Minister of Far West

Earlier, another member of parliament, Lakshman Kishore Choudhary, with the support of Congress and CPN United Samajwadi Party, had submitted a claim to the Chief Minister.

Due to the dispute between party president Ranjita Shrestha and patron Reshammalal Chowdhury, two people from the same party submitted a claim to the Chief Minister.

Laxman Kishore Patron Resham is a pro-MP, while Kailash Kumar is party president Ranjita Shrestha. There are two MPs in favor of President Shrestha and four MPs in favor of Patron Chaudhary.

There are now 51 members in the 53-member Sudurpaschim Provincial Assembly. Congress MP Prithvi Bahadur Singh died in an accident and civil liberties MP Indira Giri was dismissed by her own party a few days ago. The support of 27 MPs is required to form the government.

Among the parties in the newly formed power coalition, there are currently 10 MPs from CPN-UML, 10 MPs from the Maoist Center, 6 MPs from Civil Liberties and 4 MPs from the United Socialist Party. Similarly, there are 18 MPs from the Congress and 1 MP from the RPP. Similarly, Tara Joshi is an independent MP.

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