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Khum Bahadur's Salik by the budget of the state government

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Congress president Sher Bahadur Deuba arrived in Lamhi Municipality-9 Amilia with his entourage on Friday. Chairman Deuba, who has been the prime minister for five times, flew from Kathmandu to unveil the salik of Khum Bahadur Khadka, built at the expense of the state government.

Khum Bahadur's Salik by the budget of the state government

Late Congress leader Khadka, who was found guilty of illegal acquisition of wealth and sentenced to prison and fined by the Supreme Court. So much so, that the Lumbini government has spent 10 lakhs to make a lawyer for a person who is found to be corrupt.

Lumbini Minister of Economic Affairs and Planning, Arjun Kumar Shrestha, has given 10 lakh rupees from the provincial government for this salik, which was built at a cost of 20 lakh 48 thousand rupees. Apart from this, other party leaders/workers also donated for the construction of Salik. Congress President Deuba highly praised Khadka, who was found to be corrupt. "Khum Bahadur Khadka was a promising and progressive leader of the country, his absence will continue to be felt in the party," he said, "we must continue to fulfill his dreams." He was not only the pride of Dang but also of the country.

Khadka, a resident of Lamhi Satbaria, was once considered an influential leader in national politics. Congress Vice President Purna Bahadur Khadka laid the foundation stone of Khadka, who was Congress General Minister and several times minister, on Chait 19, 2076, but it was not unveiled for a long time.

In 2059, the Abuse of Authority Investigation Commission filed a case against Khadka in a special court for corruption amounting to 23.6 million while working in the Ministry of Physical Planning and Construction. Although the special court acquitted him on November 29, 2063, the Supreme Court on July 30, 2069 overturned the verdict and sentenced him to one and a half years imprisonment. Judges Kalyan Shrestha and Vaidyanath Upadhyaya had sentenced him to pay a fine of Rs 94 lakh 74 thousand 123 for corruption and the same amount. After serving the prison sentence and paying the fine, Khadka tried to become active in the campaign for the creation of a Hindu state. Khadka, who was suffering from kidney, chest and vein problems, died on 16 Chait 2074 at Apollo Hospital in New Delhi, India.

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